Tuesday, August 28, 2012

6 Amazing Skincare Recipes with Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk has been used in several skincare products for ages because of its goodness on skin. We can include coconut milk in our homemade DIY skin treatments as well, to naturally cleanse, moisturize and beautify skin. It acts effectively in cleansing, moisturizing and repairing sun damaged skin. Check out these 6 simple coconut milk skincare recipes below and make use of them.

Coconut Milk Moisturizer
Is your skin dry, tight or stretchy all the time, especially in winters? Mix equal amounts of fresh coconut milk and honey. Add two drops of almond oil to this mixture if your skin is extra dry. Smooth this over your face and let it sit there for 10-20 minutes. Later, wash off with clean cold water and pat dry. No more stretchy feeling and no more dry patches; All you will see now is your soft, moisturized skin.

Coconut Milk Facial Cleanser
At times we run out of our cleansing milk and this is one recipe which can naturally cleanse and balance the moisture of your facial skin. Mix a teaspoon of creamy yogurt with few drops of concentrated coconut milk and spread this mixture evenly on your face. Leave on for 5 minutes and wipe off with a wet cloth of cotton. Splash cold water over face and wash off!

Makeup Remover with Coconut Milk
It's not that a hard procedure! We all know that olive oil acts as a natural makeup remover and even removes stubborn eye makeup. Simple mix 1/2 parts of coconut milk with 1 part of olive oil and use it as your regular makeup remover. You will feel that your skin has become more clean and softer than before.

Coconut Milk Skin Brightening Face Pack
Add required coconut milk to a teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Put in few saffron strands and few drops of honey to this mixture and use this as your skin brightening face pack. This would do wonders on your skin by brightening it in a natural way!

Wrinkle Cure Cream with Coconut Milk
Soak 6-8 almonds in water overnight. Peel off their skins in morning and grind them too smooth paste. Extract oil from 2-3 vitamin E capsules. Add few drops of thick coconut milk and the extracted vitamin E oil to the almond paste and blend well. Your wrinkle cure cream is all ready to use now! This will not bring you dramatic results on your skin but with regular usage, it will definitely help tightening skin, thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines. After cleansing face every night, apply this cream evenly over your skin and go to sleep. Wash off face in the morning to see the soft skin magic.

Coconut Milk Spray for Sunburns
Add 1/2 parts of rose water to one part of coconut milk and fill this up in a clean spray bottle. Refrigerate. Soon after returning home from outside, when your skin is burnt due to over sun exposure, spray this liquid over the affected parts and relax for half an hour. The coconut milk extracts and rose water will calm down and sooth the redness caused due to sun exposure. This spray will also remove tanning up to a great extent.

Do NOT use packed or store bought coconut milk for any of these recipes above. They would be containing preservatives and such those can be allergic to your skin. Grate fresh coconuts, grind and squeeze them to extract that thick, natural coconut milk.

Hope you enjoyed reading these skincare recipes with coconut milk.
Do try them and share with us your results!

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