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Herbis Herbal Hair Oil Review

Oiling hair is as important as cleansing it. We rinse our hair as per our convenience; some people rinse their hair everyday, some every other day and others once or twice in a week. Whenever we shampoo our hair, we think that it cleanses our hair and makes it free from dirt, oiliness and other impurities caused by the environment. But not only that, once we rinse our hair, it loses it's moisture and turns dry. Your conditioner cannot help with hair dryness because most of the hair conditioners just work on the hair body to prevent tangles. In this case, oiling hair becomes very essential and necessary to balance the lost moisture. Most of us does not want to apply the hair oil soon after getting our hair wash done because it makes hair look limp, oily and ugly. But we can oil our hair at the previous night of shampooing hair. This helps preventing excessive dryness in the scalp and maintains a good healthy hair. What more? If there are some herbals combined with our hair oil, it becomes much more beneficial. We are going to check a review of that kind of a herbal hair oil now. It is the Herbis Herbal Hair oil which is made up of several natural herbs. Go ahead and find more about the product!

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Herbis Herbal Hair Oil -Review

Herbis Herbal Hair Oil - Review

Product Description:
Made with over 25 ingredients, this home made hair oil uses thistles which is renowned for making hair lush and healthy. It thickens hair while adding body and shine. Removes loose dandruff flakes. Naturally conditions.
     This hand made hair oil has been developed by using ingredients which have been known to cure many Hair and Scalp problems. It reduces premature greying and balding, soothes the scalp and rids it of dandruff. Regular usage makes the Hair voluminous and lustrous. It also calms the mind and promotes sound sleep.
       Herbis Natural Products is the brainchild of Mohit, Faiza & Wamika Kapoor. All our products have been specially formulated by Padma Kapoor who takes a keen interest in chemical-free, hand-made herbal products.
Starting small, we have only made the hand prepared herbal hair oil available.

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Herbis Herbal Hair Oil -Description

Price and Quantity:
Rs.280 for 100ml

Usage Directions: 
Gently massage into hair ensuring that entire scalp is covered. Leave overnight. Wash with a mild shampoo.

Hibiscus lobatus, Must Root, Thyme Leaved Gratiola, Olive Oil, Almond Oil and others.

Shelf Life: 2 years

My Experience with this product:

This hair oil comes in a very simple, but yet sturdy plastic bottle which is transparent and has a white coloured screw cap. The bottle has a lid with a tiny nozzle which is meant to take the product out for usage. Though simple looking, this packaging is very much suitable for mess-free usage and yes of course, this product is travel friendly. I hope that they will improve the looks of this product in future.

herbal hair oil, dandruff control, 25 ingredients, packaging
Herbis Herbal Hair Oil -Packaging

Colour, Consistency & Fragrance
As I guessed, this oil has a thick consistency (Not very thick as castor oil but not very thin too, it is some more thicker than the coconut oil) It looks dark green in the bottle but when taken out for usage, the oil looks transparent with a visible green tint. The fragrance is similar to that of homemade herbal hair oils. I found nothing chemical-like in the fragrance, but it is strong and herbal but would not bother my senses as this oil is meant for overnight usage.

herbis naturals, herbal hair oil, swatch, hibiscus
Herbis Herbal Hair Oil -Swatch

How it works
Frankly speaking, I dislike hair oils :P Not just because they make my hair look limp, but oiling hair tends to change my facial skin look oily and dull. But after all, I realized that hair oil is a must to maintain long healthy hair and started oiling my hair at night. When I searched out for an hair oil meant for overnight usage, this one caught my eyes. I was impressed by the things that this hair oil contains 25 herbal ingredients and it is completely natural. 
       This herbal hair oil goes smooth on to the scalp, spreads easily and instantly gives a cooling sensation to the eyes. I usually heat this oil and apply the warm oil to my hair and scalp. After application, I massage my scalp gently with my hands and wear a shower cap. When I wash my hair next morning, my hair looks visibly soft and silky due to its moisturizing and herbal properties. About the hair fall and dandruff control claim, yes it worked perfectly. My hair fall was due to dryness and this oil successfully helped control my hair fall with regular usage. My dandruff was in control as well but one should use this regularly in order maintain a healthy hair. Due to its thick texture, I shampoo my hair twice to get rid of the oil residues completely but then it is not a big issue for me as it works well to cure my hair dryness and other problems. Overall, I would use this herbal hair oil regularly until I find a better one. The price is okay for the natural and herbal ingredients of the product so I wouldn't mention it expensive. We spend thousands of bucks on chemically made high end serums isn't it? Hence the price is pretty much reasonable for a naturally made herbal product. Give this oil a try and I am sure you will love it!

  • Comes in simple, yet sturdy and travel friendly packaging
  • Easy to squeeze and use
  • The oil spreads onto the scalp very well and instantly calms down the eyes
  • Improves the texture of hair with regular usage
  • Moisturizes hair very well and the herbal ingredients control and prevent dandruff
  • If your hair fall is due to dryness, then this would surely help in controlling it. 
  • Regular usage prevents split ends and leaves hair soft and silky
  • Though it has a strong herbal smell and thick texture, it is meant for night usage hence no worries
  • Made of several herbal ingredients and completely natural.
  • Reasonable price for the worth
  • No experience of side effects or irritation

  • The strong smell might put some off but after all it is for night usage, so this can't be taken as a major con
  • Rinsing it off is a little pain. Sometimes it becomes necessary to shampoo hair twice to get rid of the oil
  • The price is reasonable for the worth but still, if they give some discount as introductory offer, many can easily buy and try it.

Rating: 3.5/5

I highly recommend this herbal hair oil to all. This might help in controlling your dandruff and hair fall as well. Use it overnight, at least twice in a week to see visible results. When your hair fall and breakage are controlled, your hair grows longer and stronger isn't it?

Would I Repurchase:
Yes, I am getting my second bottle soon :)

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