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How to Wear Red Lipstick the Right Way? 5 Simple Steps

Most of us know how much we love and how much craze we have for red lipsticks to get that classy, sexy and of course a beauty-enhanced look. Red lipsticks were a best friend of golden age Hollywood beauties and of course it shows your skin tone the best if wore the right way. But note the word RIGHT WAY, because if you make it wrong, it might result in giving you a garish look. Red lippies are fun to use, they make your lips look sexy and hot but it is a bit tricky on how you apply it. In this article, we are going to discuss few useful and very important ideas for the perfect application of red lipsticks and red lip colours. Retro red, classy red or a trendy red, red lip look makes you stand out, so make it better, use it wiser for a beautiful look. Go ahead and read below.

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Steps to Wear Your Red Lipstick the Right Way

1. Choose a perfect RED for your Skintone
Choosing the perfect red shade for your skin tone is the best of all the other tricks. Here, you need to be very wise as choosing a wrong shade might pull your looks down. If you have a warm Asian skin tone or a tanned skin, go for a red lipstick that has a orange undertone; i.e Go for a red-orange lipstick. This would brighten up your face very well if chosen rightly. If you are pale without any yellow undertones on your skin, get a red lipstick with blue undertones. Fuchsia-red would be perfect for day time wear.
 Still if you are not sure about choosing a red lipstick for yourself, go for a sheer red lipstick that matches your skin tone as mentioned above; this would prevent you from looking garish if you are a beginner red lipstick user.

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2. Cleanse, Scrub and Moisturize Your Lips:
Wash your lips with lukewarm water and use a gentle lip scrub to remove dead cells and smooth the lip surface. This helps really a lot during lipstick application by giving you a very even finish. Whatever lipstick you use and whatever high end brand it is, even smooth lips are the only way to show it beautiful. If not, your lip makeup would be messed up. Sugar and olive oil mixture can replace your store bough lip scrubs and moreover they are natural too.
  After scrubbing, wash your lips with cold water. Pat dry and apply a colourless lip balm. Applying lip balm and moisturizing lips help with smooth gliding and application of your red lipstick. Make sure not to overcoat, then it might lead to bleeding of lipstick.

3. Line Lips with Your Lip Liner
Usually, red lipsticks bleed and because of the factor that the lipstick is RED, it will be more prominent if it bleeds out of your lip line. Line your lips with a good red lip liner making sure that the shade of your lip liner is similar to that of your red lipstick. Even a slight variation may end up with a imperfect look. So if you have that PERFECT lip liner for your red lipstick, line your lips with it or maybe if you are not sure, go for a nude lip liner.

4. Apply Your Red Lipstick
Now glide your red lipstick over your lips gently and evenly. You should never overcoat your lips with the lipstick and at the same time, make sure to coat your lips fully including the inner corners of your mouth. When you smile, your original lip colour inside shouldn't be popping out.

5. Dab with a Tissue
This is the very important step and no one should ignore this. After applying your red lipstick, just simple dab the excess from the outer and inner corners of your lips to make sure they don't transfer. Use a clean tissue for this. Wait! This is not enough. It might sound funny now but talk something (To the mirror huh?) :P and notice whether your red lipstick is staining your front teeth. When you just dab and remove the excess lipstick, you guess that it would not get transferred to your teeth but a 'talking test' would confirm best isn't it? It would be really unattractive and ugly if your front teeth get those red stains while you talk. favorite lippy.

That's it! You're done with your red lipstick application. Now flaunt your sexy hot red lips to the world and grab all the attention. Do not forget to read the tidbits below.

Quick Tidbits to Wear Red Lipstick the Right Way
  • Some red shades make your teeth look whiter while the others make them look a little yellow-sh. Hence, make sure you brush and clean your teeth well before applying your red lipstick.
  • Make your other facial makeup simple and elegant. Bold eyes with red lipstick might make you look like a clown. Hence, avoid bold eye-dos. If you still wish to wear your eyeliner, make a thin line and drag it to the outer corner of your eyes. This will bring you an instant beautiful retro look!
  • If you're shy about wearing red lipsticks all of a sudden, practice using sheer red lip glosses first.
  • Sometimes, while buying your red lipsticks at counters, your hand swatch will fail to show you the real shade. Some red lipstick shades you choose might look different on your wrist and different on your lips, hence request the SA (Trusted) to pick the right red for your skin tone and lips or get suggestions from your friends and online reviews.

Hope you find this article useful. Flaunt your red lips the world now!
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