Monday, August 20, 2012

Ingrown toenail NO NO NO

Ingrown toenail Damaged inept actions, the skin becomes vulnerable to pathogenic organisms. Unprotected skin is inflamed. Starts swelling, swelling. The body to protect itself, highlights bioactive substances, the result is the pus.
Damaged area peredavlivaetsya, bore down on the nail plate. Nail cuts into the soft tissue, exacerbating the problem. Is the uncontrolled growth of new cells, appears mound of gray or red in color, which is called "ingrown nail."
Cure ingrown toenail can be with a surgical scalpel or without it.

If everything is clear with a scalpel, without him this is the case: to reduce the force of pressure to reduce the thickness of the nail with the unit for a pedicure. Place suppuration cleared hydrogen peroxide. In the place of contact of the skin and nail balm applied to propolis.
Expressly prohibited tight shoes, the load on feet, plasters and a pressure bandage. Usually disappears within a week swelling disappears pus. On the part of the skin continues podlechenny superimposition healing balm. Soon the inflamed area is cleared, the crust falls off.
Cause of ingrown In some people, there is a predisposition to ingrown nail. The reason is that the regrowth of the free edge of the nail plate dry out and curl. For unknown reasons, the inner and outer side of the nail regrowth during dry differently. Shrinks more than the inner edge.
Among other reasons - orthopedic problems.
Lead nail If a strong contusion hematoma occurs nail, while it gets dark, it becomes thicker and eventually rejected. When walking, it causes pain.
At the moment in the nail industry has such a service as prosthetic nail. Nail carefully removed and replaced with an artificial nail is modeled, which is worn as long as the home is restored. If you do not make a prosthesis, the hit of the fungus under all loose part of the nail plate, and it is no good end.
We can only wish you to be attentive to themselves and their health and at the slightest problem taken action to address it.