Monday, August 20, 2012

Onycholysis and Fungus

Whatever the disease may be, but need to get rid of them quickly.
And the reason is not only in their unaesthetic, but also in danger they may pose to human life.
Fungal Infection - Mycoses - is the problem. The problem of itching, plohopahnuschaya and disturbing millions of people around the world. Most often, it exposed people with weak immune systems.
And to pick up a fungal infection, do not have to go far enough to walk barefoot in public locker room, swimming pool, or wear slippers on bare feet older brother.

And after this parasitic infection that you are sure to pick up, not respecting the basic rules of hygiene, will have an effect: start spreading around the nail, then go to the neighboring, and then to other body parts.
No Mercy! And do not expect. And things did not in hygiene, but rather just in luck. Fungal infections are such that the advance does not know where they can get to know, but compliance with the rules of hygiene still reduces the risk of disease.
To avoid collision with fungal infections:
• do not wear someone else's shoes, especially in bare feet;• Do not share Manicure and processing nails salon, watch their sterilizations;• swimming pools, gyms and other places like that in any case do not go barefoot, even in the shower, better bring a special rubber slippers.
How to identify a fungal infection? Frequently inspect your nails and the skin around them. Especially pay attention to changes in color of nails, their boss, destruction and crumbling - this is the first visual signs of mold, after which you do not have a minute to think about the fact you go to the doctor.
You have to remember that fungi are very tenacious. Therefore, after a course of treatment to prevent relapse, get disinfection of all items come into contact with the affected skin.
For this process the shoes 40% acetic acid solution and allow to dry, manicure tools - rubbing alcohol, dipping them in a solution of half an hour, carefully wash the floors with bleach, and from old socks and tights is better to get rid of.
Fungus on the nails!
Fungal diseases of the skin and nails - are infectious diseases that are spread from person to person. According to medical statistics in the CIS fungus stop suffering every fifth.
In 30% of cases the infection occurs in the home of someone from the family through the common slippers, basins, towels, bath and shower.
With the same frequency transmission occurs in the public baths, gyms and swimming pools. Perhaps that is why a special risk group consists of athletes. According to some, foot fungus affects up to 80% of the players football teams. Therefore, in another fungus called "athlete's foot."
If you are sick Fungal infections can not safely coexist with your body without causing him any harm. If they get on your skin, it will certainly bring about disease, which affected both you and your loved ones who live nearby.
And it will look this way: the fungus gets into the body through the micro-traumas, fractures and intertrigo foot starts itching between the toes, and then nails become gray, yellow or brown.
Next record loses its transparency, and between it and the bed of the nail a gap, which will multiply and fungi. When the fungus penetrates deeper and corrode the nail, it will bulge. Appears horny growths that in consequence prevent treatment because of its density
Under horny moth nail fungus feels great, multiplies and eats whole passages, being thus out of reach for medication. Then just nail splits, crumbles and no longer performs its function.
If the fungus is not treated, then:
• abandon the sandals;• forget the beach and sports;• sex in socks.
About what a life after this can be said?

But that's not all Fungus - is the open door for other infections, such as bacterial, such as erysipelas.
It is also possible fungal allergy. Fungus complicates the course of asthma, diabetes, dermatitis. If immunity is weakened, the fungus can penetrate the blood in the internal organs, and it is deadly.
What to do? Do not even expect that one morning you wake up and there is no problem: everything is and you are healthy.
The fungus can be treated for a long time, focused and not one week. Influence him to both inside and outside. A resembling adequate and treatment may appoint a doctor.
OnycholysisThis detachment of the nail from the soft tissue finger, resulting in a void, on which the nail plate to change the natural color of blue and white, or brown. The spectacle is not a pleasant one!
Mask the symptoms of the disease is possible by means of dark manicure. However, this is not an option.
For treatment options, it is necessary to know the causes of the disease. And they can be infectious and non-infectious nature.
Non-infectious causes: • occur after administration of tetracycline and fluoroquinolone antibiotics, which have side effects in the form of detachment of the nail from the soft tissue. In that case, you should wait a few months to manifestations of the disease have disappeared on their own.• as a result of skin contact with allergens in the form of chemicals, solvents, detergents. In this case there is only one treatment - removal of the allergen.
Infectious causes:
• fungal infection of the skin that may occur, such as between the toes or fingers. Therefore, at the first sign of the disease should immediately seek the help of your doctor, who will determine the type of pathogen within and prescribe treatment.
Disease shows a small cavity formation, which may gradually increase, and fully take the entire nail. Then peel off the nail bed, and there is a rough defect that is difficult to eliminate.