Thursday, August 9, 2012

REVIEW: Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color In "Flirtatious Pink"

In addition to the TBS fetish, I am also on a Colorbar roll and yup you will be getting to read a lot of Colorbar product reviews as well :) Today I bring to you ladies and gentlemen, Colorbar's Take Me As I Am Lip COlor in "Flirtatious Pink". Do not relegate it to being a "too bright a pink" and "it won't suit me" categories cause even though it is called flirtatious and we might mistake it for a bright hue of Pink, Colorbar has very thoughtfully made it a yellow pink that is sure to suit almost all Indian skintones :) Yay for that :D

Why did I buy it? I don't know... I was just loitering inside Beauty Center at Crawford Market when I realised that I needed to buy my Colorbar (Precision) Watreproof Liquid Eyeliner as I had already finished my third bottle when this little chubby thing caught my eye. The SA was more than happy to show me all the shades and very proudly said, it comes with its own sharpener. Believe it or not I was sold at that :P Dude a fat cute thing that almost looks like Clinique's Chubby lip balm pencils that comes with its own sharpener and you have a follower for life in me :P

Coming to how this pencil fares... Well 3 words for it... I  Love It... I truly do... It is just the perfect pink for office, running grocery errands, travel (by train and by flight... Now come on don't you dress differently when traveling by train than when traveling by air?), movie and well any other scenario you can think of :) It is so NOT DRYING... Rather it is super moisturising... Notice... I did not say hydrating... I said moisturising! Then it stays on for pretty long.. On me it stayed on for about 5-6 hours... Yup! How can you not get swayed by it?

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Ooooohhss And Aaaahhsss!!!
1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous shade of nude pink :) Suits our Indian skintones to the Tee.
2. Not at all drying, rather they are pretty moisturising!
3. It comes with its own sharpener! I love the fact :)
4. Has a good staying power... It stays on me for almost 5-6 hours...
5. Has some nice shades in the range... Unlike the Lakme lip palette that came out with various shades of Browns!!!
6. Cute to look at :) Yup! That is a major Pro for me ;)

1. It has a mild "crayony" smell...
2. They are a bit on the expensive side. I would prefer them to be cheaper :P

It costs INR 699/-

Definitely! I am already eyeing a couple of other shades from this range :)

Would I Recommend?
If you are looking for that perfect nude pink and would love for your lips to be moisturised and not dry out, then darling this is the product for you :) Go get it girl!

Overall Rating