Saturday, September 1, 2012

Black Hook Drop Earrings from

Hieeeee girls! How is your Saturday going? I hope you're enjoying your weekend and yes, me too doing my same here with lots of cuisines sweets and ice creams :D Here in Chennai the weather is okay-okay, not cold, not hot. I am now feeling really exited to show you my mini purchase that I made from recently.
    I purchased this Black Hook Drop Earrings from their online shopping site a week ago and I am totally loving it. The piece I got looks exactly same as the one in the image on their site and the quality is also good. Before I show you the earrings separately, check the picture below of me wearing it :D (God! I need to put on some pounds. Anyone let me know if you have any trick other than EATING a lot because that's what I do all the time) :P

Oops! Sorry it's a mirror image and I couldn't cover all my face. Anyhow I have better pictures off the earrings for you below :D I picked this piece for Rs.220 in discount.

Tadaa... Here is the set :) I find them really beautiful (Black is my favorite color)

 These cute little white stones are fixed really well and they don't seem to come off or get loose easily.

 See the earring hooks! I am always crazy about black metals and silver; and gold? nah! I don't like GOLDEN coloured jewels. I am allergic to them lol :P

Check their Earrings collection HERE and I am soon coming up with a shopping site review on our blog with their specifications, customer service etc with my new shopping experience.

Hope you enjoyed my quick post about my new favorite earrings
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