Saturday, September 22, 2012

Eastern Market: Incense

Eastern Market: IncenseHow old is this smell? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Millions?
How many people, inhaling them, resigned to fate, become stronger and wiser, have found their way to the thorny paths of the universe? Tens of millions? Billions?
Soaking and we are in the flow of scented oriental bazaar, in the ancient flavors, odors in peace and wisdom that prevails over noisy and vain world.

The smell of sandalwood - sensual, seductive, giving birth to desire.
These bits of wood, a variety of shades, from light brown to reddish, should accompany all loving and beloved hearts.
Warm, pungent sandalwood scent reminiscent of the delicate pink note - the scent of this passion, consistent, time-tested, eternal, like sandalwood.
Skeptics and realists, who do not believe in love, can use sandalwood as a sedative and anti-stress agent (which, as a rule, always comes in handy for those who do not believe in love).
The smell of wood VA, wrongly called "Aloynym tree", which has no natural analogues and are born in a diseased tree Akvilariya, which must be more than three hundred years, the most expensive and rare fragrance on earth, rewards its owner with an unearthly sense of peace and confidence in the future .
Dried roots Kostusev, included in the incense, carry a strong antiseptic properties - flavor Kostusev eliminates human habitation of most germs and bacteria.
Vetiver roots (more commonly known as "couscous") with tart balsamic aroma and mild note of strong tobacco, extremely polzitelno incense in the bath, women's bedrooms and water for washing: Vetiver makes elastic and supple skin, maintains slender and graceful figure, gives her a sense of irresistible beauty and winning.

Oriental fragrance to come into your home, you need to grind in a porcelain mortar piece of wood and put powder on a red-hot coal.
And tested for thousands of years the healing effect will not take long.