Friday, September 28, 2012

How to use Hot Rollers - Day to Night Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to know how to use hot rollers? Well in my most recent YouTube video I share with you all how I use my Babyliss set. I got these as a Christmas present last year and realised that I've never reviewed them for you! I love rollers, whether they are hot like these ones or made simply of velcro! I actually have a tutorial on how to use velcro rollers here if you're interested. 

How to use Hot Rollers

Having fine hair, I strive for the big & bouncy look on a daily basis! I find that for me, rollers are the best option to create tonnes of volume and a loose wave/curl. They just give you the most amazing root lift and they're super easy to use. I simply apply mine in the morning and let them set whilst I apply my makeup. By the time I'm ready to leave, the rollers are ready to be removed!

 In this tutorial I wanted to create two looks that were both easy and quick. They require little products and look effortlessly chic! I show you how to style your hair once the heated rollers are out, and how a 5 minute transformation can leave you looking like you've just stepped off the red carpet! 

Here's what I used to create the looks:
Teasing Comb (the one I used was my great grandma's!)

For the day look I wanted something simple to create but that still looked cute! I opted for a simple side twist - a look I've been sporting virtually everyday! It keeps my fringe out of my way and looks super girly. I love the way that the twist seems to disappear in to the waves! A few minutes and you're out of the door and on your way to school or work.

For the evening look wanted something elegant and feminine. I love using my hair doughnut and find that it leaves me looking like I've got twice as much hair than I actually do! By simply sweeping your wavy hair in to a side bun, you can look so glamorous and ready for a lovely night out!

I really hope you enjoyed the post on how to use hot rollers! Have you tried them before? Let me know your thoughts below.

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