Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Makeup Vs Natural Beauty

The title of my post is quite misleading... In the sense that my today's post is not gonna be listing out a comparison between the two, rather I am on the hunt to prove that people even implying that they are both related (in an opposite) is actually baseless and utter nonsense.

With social networking all rampant, people keep coming out with thoughts and quotes of the day and even "inspirational" pictures about how natural beauty is important and makeup masks it... It's all booger and I think we need people to realise that makeup isn't all that bad especially when you are doing it cause you enjoy it.

Boo to these....
Whats even the relation between the two? It's stupid to even have a quote like this!
Its like saying True Beauty is not playing soccer and being 125% ok with it! No relation right?
No it doesn't cause to do makeup or not is a matter of personal choice!

Tell me, people who do makeup aren't they naturally beautiful? Or are naturally beautiful people not to do makeup? I mean isn't the whole debate utterly useless? Why should there even be a relation between makeup and Natural beauty? I am naturally beautiful FULLSTOP I love doing makeup FULLSTOP Why is there a need for me to justify why I need makeup? I never have to justify why I chose to wear a Red top then why should I be justifying my choice of a Red lippy?

I often say that makeup makes me feel confident. Whats wrong with that? Don't we comb our hair everyday in the morning to look well groomed? Then whats the harm in wearing a bit of eye liner to look sharper or wear a flattering lippy to enhance my complexion? Its my life, my natural beauty that I wish to enhance and my money with which I buy my makeup! Whats it to anyone?

On a lighter note...