Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reader Appreciation: Shruti Kulkarni on her wedding makeup

If you guys follow and read my blog regularly, you wold recollect that a while back I had, had the opportunity to do a wedding makeup for a friend's friend Shruti (now she's my friend too)...  If you don't then here's the link to refresh your memory :) Well, she is now back from her really long honeymoon ;) and decided to write me an email to thank me. Well I must say I should be the one thanking her for for faith she put in me, an amateur makeup enthusiast to do her wedding and reception makeup.

Here is what she has to say :)

 My sincere apologies for delaying this so much....I wish I had done this much earlier but somehow I wasn't very confident if I could put this up as perfectly as I wanted it to be or felt about it with my experiences.
But this delay has been long enough now and I thought I might as well write it down for you and your blog followers to know than wait for the right time.

June 2012 (the month I was going to get married) arrived much earlier than I had expected. I came back from Switzerland just by the end of May and I was already pretty uneasy with the fact that there was very less time for everything to be done.Although the shopping for Sarees, jewellery, decorations and food at the wedding venue was all in place by the first week,I had nothing ready on my look front at all. 

Now everybody dreams of having a wedding look that is perfect in their own ways....and not to forget, sewn with loads of compliments at the same time!
I had wished for the same too. Suave,catchy yet simple and not loud.
I thought how difficult would it be to get someone to prepare that look on me.....but dear god it was!! The makeup I had during my engagement was rather disappointing and I knew finding someone right was going to be a big effort.
And it surely was! I took makeup trials at various parlours (more than my sis could take :)) and turned down all of them. Something or the other went wrong...either the hair, or the glow or the simplicity or most of all, their attitudes (never ready to go to another extent to satisfy probable customers).

I was cribbing about it for a long time and had lost all hopes of ever looking the way I wanted to in my wedding. I had no artistic flair or interest to do it on my own too.
I was at Shweta's house one day (a week before the pre-wedding ceremonies) and she introduced me to your blog, giving me the complete background of your interests and tastes at the same time. I read the blog almost completely the next day and was very pleased with its contents.
The idea was brilliant, the detailed attention to little bits, tips and most of all, the sheer flair of your knowledge of what makeup is all about.
Shweta suggested that we consult you on how to go about the look and get the parlours to do the same.
You instantly agreed to meet up and we had a really long rendezvous that night.I was elated when you produced looks that exactly reflected what I wanted.
To top it all, you even tried a hairdo  on me, just the way I had wanted and it looked wonderful altogether.

Although I loved almost all the eye makeups and lipsticks you suggested and even tried on me, I was disappointed with the thought of having to explain this to someone to get it in a similar turnout.Over that time, a seed of desire grew....to ask you if could spare some time and help me yourself with my makeup in the wedding :).
It was too much to ask for since I didn't know if that would offend you, but you Agreed !! Gosh..that relieved me so much!
And to let you know, with all the sense and knowledge you had on what looks good and what not, I was completely confident you would put together a perfectly suave and classy feel to it.

I was right....Although I did trouble you with a list of 'this is what I want to look like' adjectives, you stupendously pulled it off with style.

The eyes were perfect, the lips looked like ones to die for and the shine....oh my, the pictures could tell it all! It looked unconventional and gorgeous.

The look for my reception was beautiful and although you were ill that evening, you still were as enthusiastic in your endavour as usual.
It was unexpected but great at the same time when each and everyone coming up the stage complimented me on how I nice I was looking.
My husband was feeling so left out :)! And the best part was when the photographers complimented too....!! They said I was looking very nice and the photos  came out brilliantly with a shine and blush on my face and eyes :)

All thanks to you and I sure have become a fan. I still don't understand too many concepts about makeup but I follow your blog regularly and the tips are simply great for everyday and occasional uplifts. You have an exceptional expertise in the basics and unconventional trends.

I sincerely wish and hope it takes you places and you definitely will succeed in reaching a place where all your opinions and knowhow would matter to a lot of people. 

Kudos to your skills,enthusiasm and persistence to chase the best. Keep writing.