Tuesday, September 4, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter

Hellllloooooo everyone... It feels like a decade that I posted on ISLM (yup I do love a bit of exaggeration here and there :P) and it feels awesome to be back :) I plan to review TBS Spice Vanilla Body Butter and I know it has been reviewed like 27,836 times on the beauty blogosphere already but aren't you a tad bit curious about my take on it? ;)

Spiced Vanilla is a beautifully rich vanilla scented body butter that isn't too sweet. It smells more like a cinnamon doughnut than anything else ;) Its a perfect fragrance for the colder months though and because of the richness of its fragrance I cannot see myself using it in warmer weather... For summers I prefer fruity fragrances like Peach body butter, mango body butter and satsuma body butter... For winters I am loving Spiced Vanilla :)

Though the tub does not specify any skin type, this particular one is suiting my dry skin to the Tee. Just a layer and my skin feels all smooth and pampered. Its fragrance stays on for like really long and when I wore it to office for the first time, everyone of the guys actually turned when I passed them. I swear! I myself feel like I am enveloped in a veil of spicy vanilla the whole day...

Image Of the Product
The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter

The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter 

Ingredients List
So creamy, so smooth
Ooohhss And Aaahhss!!!
1. Heavenly fragrance, not too sweet, not too jarring...
2. Texture is just so smooth and it feels great on dry skin!
3. Available in 50 ml as well 100 ml tubs.
4. Always available at any TBS outlets. It isn't LE.
5. In addition to a lot of oils and cocoa butter extracts, it contains sesame oil as well, which is really very good for one's skin.
6. I like the color of the tub, though in all fairness, all TBS containers look pretty on the dresser.

1. Like all TBS products, the price is a bit steep
2. They should mention skin type of the labels!

It costs INR 515/- for 50 ml

Definitely! As it is I am already on my 3rd tub!

Would I Recommend?
If you are a sucker for rich textures and fragrances and don't mind smelling like you are ready to be devoured, then go for it ;) This trust me isn't for the weak hearted, who like being in the shadows...

Overall Rating