Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mumbai Bloggers Meet: Outfit, Pictures, Chatter...

Oh yes, by now everyone knows about the blogger's meet we had in Mumbai last Saturday :) And even though most of the pictures have been posted on FB and Twitter, I will still go on with tradition and document the event as a post on ISLM :) What say?

This meet was initiated by Beena that was closely kept on track by Heer... The reason for the meet? Beena is on a vacation in Mumbai from the US and Jinal is also in Mumbai for a fortnight from Delhi, and the rest of us i.e. Heer, Preetha, Neha and I grabbed the opportunity to meet up when Beena initiated it :) I was meeting Beena after almost 6 years, last was when we were in college and as they say we simply picked up from where we had left... That's friendship isn't it :)

This time we all met up in South Bombay and went for lunch to Bombay Blues in Kala Ghoda... Ha ha it was FUN for sure... We had lunch for more than 3 hours and the servers there were quite irritated with us for sure :P They would keep coming for taking orders and we would just get so engrossed in our conversations that we would forget to place out orders... hahahahha.. and when 6 girls meet up, there is utter confusion trust me! And you know what the best part of it all was? We were all so comfortable with each other, no awkward silences, no having to think what to say next... Ooooh it was Amazing! :D I love you girls soooo much! And I am soo glad you are all my friends :)
I have no idea why I couldn't stop laughing... Btw will someone look at that gorgeous necklace Jinal's wearing!!!
All of Us.. I had to coax and cajole a watchman to take our pic :P

Jinal's missing cause she is taking the pic :)

Will someone look at how Neha poses naturally!!! ;)

Oh you know the best part, Beena got us all Maybelline Color Tattoos... he he he :D Best part? There's no difference between the Amreeki counterpart and the Indian counterpart... Quality wise - same, conatiner wise - same... Just that we Indians get a complimentary brush too ;)

After lunch, we did a bit fo shopping from Westside, Health and Glow and well obviously Colaba Causeway, where I picked up the first statement necklace of my life all thanks to Bina and especially Jinal! She just wouldn't hear a no and almost cornered me into buying one ;) Ha ha... But I am so thankful to her cause the moment I reached home, wore it and saw myself in the mirror, I couldn't help but start grinning like a maniac about how cool it looked ;)

Superb evening it was and I hope we keep meeting up like this often :)

Here's a pic of what I wore for the meet (though I did let my hair down and made a ponytail rather than a bun)...

Outfit Details:
1. Dress - Vero Moda
2. Footwear - Catwalk

And this is my Mumbai haul pic (some were bought during the meet and some before)...