Monday, October 1, 2012

Nature's Essence Lacto Tan Clear Review

Guest Post by Barisha

Nature's Essence Lacto Tan Clear Review

Hello beauties, I am Barisha from kolkata , a silent reader of Makeup and Beauty home. I am soooo happy that Lancy has allow me to write for her beautiful blog. Today I am going to write a review on  the “Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear” I am using this product for last 2 weeks and I must admit the result is quite good.

Product Description: 
Milk and honey enriched special tan cream helps remove the epidermal tan, thereby restoring the natural fairness of the skin and also preventing pigmentation due to harmful sun. Its matt effect is ideal for hot climates and the cream also helps enhance after facial glow..

Usage Directions:
Apply a layer on the face/skin and keep it on for 10-15 minutes and after soft message remove it with water. Advice to be use every day to restore natural colour and glow of the skin..

Price and Quantity:
Rs. 80 for 40 gm;125 for 100 gm. Available in many online sites at discount :)

Key Ingredients:
Milk ,bees wax, geranium oil.

My Experience with this Product:

Packaging: I saw this product in a local store at the very first I didn’t like it because of the packaging; it comes in a tub, yak unhygienic.This product is packed in a white coloured tub with a screw cap. There is an inner lid present inside top prevent mess. Though being travel friendly, this product isn't that easy or hygienic to use due to the tub packaging.  I think the packaging could be better but at this price I can’t expect more  after using it I toh just fell in love with it :-P

Colour, Consistency and Fragrance: The pack is creamy and milk white in colour. It glides on the face quite easily. The fragrance is subtle and mild; there is nothing to worry about it you sensitive noses.

How it works: I am really very satisfied with the product. I am blessed with an Indian skin tone which gets tanned very easily. I have severe tan on my face, neck, hands even on feet. I use lots of products but nothing worked but Yes! this one removes tan. Can’t say about the old tan but it works on the fresh tan. I use it  after coming back home and it removes tan as well as adds a nice glow to my face. It doesn't leave my facial skin oily but gives a matte effect to the skin which last for 5-6hours. Okay now let see the pros and cons :)

Pros of Nature's Essence Lacto Tan Clear

  •     It’s a herbal product..
  •     Gives a cooling sensation on application.
  •     Yes it removessss tan as claimed!
  •     Gives an instant glow to the skin
  •     Readymade pack, saves time..
  •     Affordable. A 40 gm pack will last for a month if used regularly only on the face.
  •     It’s easily available in stores and online.
  •     Smells okay.
  •     Does not break me out.
  •     Will suit every skin type.

Cons of Nature's Essence Lacto Tan Clear

  •     Full ingredients list is missing
  •     May be a little drying for extremely dry skin

Sorry I can’t think of any other con  :D

Makeup and Beauty Home Rating: 4.5/5

My Recommendation:  I will recommend this product to everyone. It’s a must have for summer :)

Have you ever used Nature's Essence Lacto Tan Clear? What are your views about it?