Sunday, October 14, 2012

That Could Threaten the Quality of Your Sperm

As a man must maintain sperm fertility. But the problem is all around us there are many sperm killer, ranging from hot water, chemicals, to daily habits.
Abnormal sperm is a major cause fertility problems. Therefore, to know what are the things that could threaten the quality of your sperm.

Sitting too long
Sitting for too long, as well as the habit of wearing tight celanan and soak in hot water will lead to increased testicular temperature, whereas the temperature of the testes should be cooler than body temperature. If the temperature is above normal testis, the production of healthy sperm will not be optimal.

Too long a smoker not only increases the risk of cancer but also bury your expectations to become a father. In addition to causing impotence, cigarette smoke also have thousands of chemicals that can damage sperm quality.

Keep your weight in the normal condition through exercise because of the accumulation of fat in the body will interfere with the hormone testosterone, a hormone that affects important in sperm production. However exercise should be done according to ability. Research shows that excessive exercise would cause the body to secrete too much steroid hormones that affect fertility.