Thursday, October 11, 2012

Types of Beverages to Suit the Needs for Health

 Type of drink for health, must be known to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drinks not only serves thirst-quenching but also can keep health. Learn about types of beverages to suit the needs for health, so that the condition of the body fluids are met effectively to keep your body every day.

Fitness drinks

- To build muscle: Milk
Milk contains whey protein and casein, both of which are essential amino acids, which help you work to build muscle.

- To streamline the body: Green tea or grapefruit juice

Green tea is believed to help keep the weight because the content in it increases metabolism. Meanwhile, grapefruit juice is also known to help maintain weight. Eating citrus fruits this kind known to be more effective than fruit juice.

- Getting rid of sleepiness: coffee or water

In addition to repel drowsiness, a cup of coffee will also increase the concentrations and energy. Another alternative is to drink water with a little spirulina powder, made from blue green algae that contains a lot of nutrients.

Accelerate healing

- For influenza: tea with lemon and honey

Consuming plenty of fluids, especially warm like tea with lemon and honey, can actually help cure nasal congestion. When a cold, you should reduce your intake of milk because it can make the mucus in the nose or throat becomes more viscous.

- For coughs: Honey

Honey can get rid of a cough caused by respiratory infections. You can add it in tea or warm water to help dilute mucus in the throat and coughing subsides.

- For dehydration: coconut water

The ability of coconut water in the body merehidrasi much better than water. The content of the natural electrolytes in coconut water is also good for consumption after exercise.

- When hungry: milk

Mealtimes have not arrived yet stomach is growling? Compared with fruit, a glass of water or low-fat milk apparently known to increase satiety.

- For a hangover or a headache after drinking alcohol: water, orange juice or a banana blender

Drinking plenty of water is key to relieving headache in the morning after you drank alcohol. Bananas in a blender also be an option because the potassium content increases the electrolytes lost. While the orange juice will help improve blood sugar again.