Saturday, October 6, 2012

You Must Know Facts of Diseases Caused by Obesity

There are several reasons that you must understand to want to always be vigilant to maintain weight loss. Facts revealed that excess weight can disrupt the function of the body from head to toe. You must know facts of diseases caused by obesity.

Smoking is a major cause of cancer. However, obesity and low physical activity also increase the risk of developing cancer. Moreover, cancer is a disease due to lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns.

"Obesity is a major factor in colon and breast cancer in postmenopausal age women," said Kathy Chapman, nutritionist from The Cancer Council NSW launched Fitness.

Sports movement to stimulate the function of muscle tissues, including the intestine. It stimulates peristalsis of the intestine so that the bad cells in the intestine are not touching or stick long in the intestinal wall that eventually lead to cancer.

Hormones are produced when you exercise (endorphins and testosterone) in addition to potent scrape the fat, it can suppress the hormones that speed up the growth of cancer. In women the increase hormone testosterone hormone estrogen can control many women have. Excess estrogen is very sensitive trigger cancer cells.

Obese people have a four times greater possibility of developing diabetes than ideal stature. The habit of overeating and unhealthy that lead to insulin resistance kegenukan encourage the body to trigger the arrival of type 2 diabetes.

"Obesity is caused by overeating makes insulin does not work properly and melonjakkan blood sugar levels in the body. Its adverse effects, there was diabetes, "said Dr.Ngai Wah Cheung, from Sydney Medical School, Australia.

Cardiovascular Disease
Obesity has long been a major cause of heart disease, stroke, and cardiovascular disorders in the area of ??the blockage. Owner "fertile body" also at greater risk of high blood pressure. The trend rate of diabetes increased due to increasing obesity lead to big problems in the ratio of public health.

"Our research proves that 70 percent of people with diabetes die of cardiovascular disease is generally caused by excess weight, not of primary disease diabetes," added Dr. Lyn Roberts, chairman Heart Foundation, Australia.

"Obese women were also having trouble getting pregnant," said Professor Rob Norman, Fertility Specialist, University of Adelaide, Australia.

"Women with apple shape, have extra weight in the midsection. Usually they have insulin and testosterone levels were higher. If plus obesity then certainly will increasingly affect fertility. Similarly, if they over-exercise, hormones also become unstable. This is because it increases testosterone reduces the hormone estrogen. This can lead to heart disease and osteoporosis, "explained Rob.

Besides obesity in men may suppress testicular function to result in the level of fertility. Come on, check the body mass index (BMI) you and him to know the shape and ideal body weight in order to become infertile couples with no problem.

Joints disorders
Any extra fat stored in your body will increase the pressure on your pesendian, three times rather than body weight. Additionally Dr.Julien de Jager, rheumatologist adding the following facts.

"Not only joint holder body such as legs, knees, and hips are affected, but also the joints in the hands and fingers."

Impact of body fat will also trigger the appearance of pain in the spine or back. In addition, the muscles work extra hard because they have to withstand the additional weight.