Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Said YES To Color... L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Black Cherry

As you all know I had ranted last week about how I had decided to get my hair colored and the factors that led me to make this decision. If not, then go ahead and check out this post of mine HERE :) Plus it helped that the L'Oreal people sent me some quizzes that helped me decide what shade would look best on me and further provided me with the color that I asked for :) My quiz revealed that the shade Black Cherry would look good on me and voila I received it at my doorstep :)

So how do I feel about it? Well. for starters, their claim of no Ammonia and it being a conditioning color is totally up to the mark! My hair was soft after application and it still is. I have seen colors that make one's hair all rough and dull but not this color! It made my hair all shiny and bouncy and well yeah voluminous! I really like Volume in my hair and it made my hair all that and more :) Even the fragrance of the product was pleasant and not at all pungent like many other hair colors!

Another significant mention is the amount of product one gets in one package! It's too much! I mean, I applied it all over my hair, then applied it for my mom and still there was so much product left! I volunteered to apply it for the pati but when he read the shade name (Black Cherry), he just ran away from home and did not return for 2 days. Ok the last part was melodrama :P

The whole DIY kit comes with the following:
1. Creme Colorant
2. Developer Cream
3. Gloss Conditioner
4. Hand Gloves
5. Information pamphlet

The whole procedure of coloring on your won is made so simple that you really find the need to go to the parlor for a coloring session useless.

But one complain that I have of the product is that the fact that the color wasn't as vibrant as I had expected it to be :( And it did not cover much grey... Well that could be cause maybe I didn't keep the color on my head for very long. My mom kept the color for 10 mins more than the prescribed time and she got wonderful coverage. On the other hand, I kept it for the mentioned time span and I got very light coverage :(

Image of the Product

Hair Swatch

Oooohhhs And Aaaahhhhss!!!
1. Makes hair soft and glossy as promised.
2. Does not have a strong, pungent smell.
3. Very easy to DIY
4. Did not damage my hair!
5. Gave me volume and bouncy and well who doesn't love bouncy curls?
6. I think it is pretty well priced especially for the amount you get out of it.
1. I expected it to impart a more vibrant or rather a pigmented color. It was pretty light.
2. It didnt give me much grey coverage though my mom was pretty happy with hers!

It costs INR 499/-

Maybe, but this time in a different shade ;)

Would I Recommend
If you are looking for a hair color that you can use at home on your own and want a silky gloss to your hair without damaging it, then this is the product for you! But if you are looking for heavy grey coverage then you might need to experiment with it a bit. It didn't cover my greys but my mom was pretty satisfied with her grey coverage. I am guessing it is relative to one's hair texture.

Overall Rating