Monday, November 5, 2012

Outfit Post: Am wearing Oxblood :D (and a hair cut update!)

Hola chicas! :D The past weekend was one of the best I have had in a long time :) Why? Am not so sure but I have a strong inkling that it was because of the fact that it was a perfect blend of shopping, updating my fashion quotient, learning to cook a new dish, Diwali cleaning, meeting close friends and getting a makeover :) I'll go about each one in detail...

Lemme start with some retail healing. I absolutely abhor the phrase "retail therapy" as it has become too jaded and over-used. So much so that people going for grocery shopping also label the experience as retail therapy! No offense here but seriously any shopping or "buying" experience cannot be termed as retail therapy you know! Come on look it up... HINT: If you are always retail therapy-ing then you are a patient of chronic depression! And we know that at least us in the beauty blogging world are not depressed :)
So anyways, I actually went to the mall to exchange shirt for the Pati and well I returned without 1/4 of my salary :P Picked up a couple of tops from Promod and Zara and a few accessories from Accessorize :D While browsing through the racks at Zara, I came across a few Oxblood pieces, mostly in leather. Does Oxblood leather look HOT or what! But with almost negligible winters in Pune, buying a 5K worth of Oxblood Leather vest doesn't really makes sense now... So I checked out a few Oxblood pieces in materials other that leather but nothing really was flattering. I mean I really thought Oxblood isn't really the color for me :( Then I remembered having a Top in Oxblood that I had got myself a long time ago! he he he and I so wore it to office today ;)

There at the mall I met with some old and very close friends, shared a cup of coffee with them, chatted, gossiped and returned home all invigorated... I know I know I should have clicked a few outfit pics but alas I was running short of time (as usual) :P

But the major highlight of the weekend was my hair makeover :D By now you all must have guessed that I have gotten my hair straightened/rebonded but I also went a step ahead and got myself some front fringes to accentuate my mongloid features :) My main motive to do so? Well you see the pati loves the fact that I have ch*nki (no I did not use the word, rather masked it with an *) blood in me and totally digs it when I look more the part :P
So well here's how it looks on me... Ta da...

Now coming back to the main point of the post... The Outfit!!! Here is what I am wearing to office today :)

Outfit Breakdown
1. Oxblood Shirt -> Local Boutique
2. Black Skinny Jeans -> Lee
3. Black Ballerinas -> Westside

So how's your Monday coming along?