Sunday, November 18, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

This I am guessing is the most awaited reviews of all. I have been receiving review requests for this TBS BB Cream since so long that I simply caved in and got down to the business of reviewing it for you guys only :)
Before I start, let me tell you that I LOVE IT! I think this says it all and you may want to skip reading through what follows... But still humor me, be kind to me and indulge me and read my review ;)

After the let down by Maybelline's BB Cream, I was quite wary of trying another BB Cream but the TBS junkie that I am, I had to get this All-In-One BB Cream when I came to know that they had launched it recently and it was supposed to be more apt for Indian skin tones than the previous BB cream TBS had come out with... Now ideally my shade is 02, but they were out of stock and I came home with shade 03 and it still suits me! Yes girls, it adapts to your complexion!!! It's just fabulous!

I am not sure how would it suit Oily skinned beauties though cause my super dry skin is extremely happy with this BB Cream... So if you have oily skin, you might first have to try it out at the store and then decide on whether you want to buy it or not...

The BB Cream contains some really microscopic granules that start bursting and create an orangish cast for the first 2 seconds after application... Fret not, blend it well and voila! you are left with something of a beautiful glow on your face that looks like second skin :)

The product looks gorgeous on your face with as well as without flash...

But let me tell you, it doesn't really hide any blemishes, it's more of a tinted moisturiser cum face illuminator kind of a product. So if you are looking for blemish coverage then this isn't the product for you...

Image of the Product

Without Flash, Natural Light
With Flash

Ooohhsss And Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. It magically adapts to one's skin tone
2. Looks gorgeous with and without flash
3. Leaves your skin looking even and glowy
4. Doesn't cause any kind of irritation.
5. Super moisturising.
6. Not tested on animals :)
7. Easily available at all TBS counters across the country.

1. Not much of a blemish coverage should  be expected.
2. It's in a higher price bracket. But then it's TBS, what did you expect ;)

It costs INR 1395/- for 25 ml.
I would definitely repurchase this. This is almost like an HG product for me... I am on the lookout for shade 02, if I find it then AWESOME else am happy with shade 03 as well ;)

Would I Recommend?
If you  have dry to Normal skin then I would surely recommend it for you. It's a must have product in your vanity if you budget allows. I am not so sure about Oily skinned girls though...

Overall Rating:

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