Monday, November 26, 2012

The more you help your treadmill

The more you help your treadmillThis is plain simulator actually hidden as five of your faithful helpers.One of them - a physical education teacher. The second - a caring doctor. The third - a personal fitness trainer. Fourth - dull companion for a morning jog. Fifth - a reliable companion for you and your children.

Do not believe me? Judge for yourself. Thus, the modern treadmill can:
Organize domestic sports. Any track regardless of the price and the brand is a moving belt driven by an electric motor, which you have to walk or run.
Cheap track can run at speeds up to 16 km / h, with a maximum rise of 10 percent, have a timer, distance meter, calorie consumption.
Track dearly have the same features as the low-end models, and a more advanced electronic training program, some a monitor to measure heart rate.

Most complex and therefore expensive treadmills have features average cost, but have a more robust design, powerful engine, faster, increasing the length of the moving blade.
Among the three categories there are folding models: some trainers have a folding track, which you can pick up and lock in the upright position for easy storage.
Ungainly models tend to be more stable, but uncomfortable when the balance every square meter.

Monitor health status.
Track a little more expensive cheap, tend to have a facility to measure heart rate - at a special "Heart Rate Monitor" displays your personal testimony, and you can train to avoid congestion - plus you continuously control the heart work better than it would do the most responsible nurse.

Monitor the quality performance of an exercise program.
Good tracks can remember and change tempo without your lessons, slope track, control the speed of movement of the belt during the warm-up and during the main load to recreate the conditions that are similar to cross-country running - in short, to drive you to spare no effort, like this, good coach.

Create favorable conditions for the run.
Clear display, comfortable handles, wide side panels for easy gathering and getting out on the track, the presence of the player or even TV - if you are buying pay attention to these details, you will track a good friend and reliable companion.
To take care of security.
When buying, choose one with a "security key". Usually, when you start training, you need to insert a key that using a long cord is attached at one end to your clothing, the remote.
If you slip and fall, the cord to pull the key from the console that will stop the treadmill. The key - and even protection of children, who, not knowing the secret, can not run on their own trainer.