Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tips & Tricks: Unique Use of a Red Lipstick

We all have struggled to find our perfect Red Lipstick isn't it? If you have found it, then congratulations but if you haven't then fear not, you will find it one day :) Nowin this quest of finding our perfect Reds we have by now for sure collected a few many Red lipsticks that seem to be of no use to us now right?
So what do we do with them?

Yup, for one we could use them as a blush can't we... That's a no-brainer right? How about I tell you another use of a discarded Red lippy?

Truth be told, the trick that I am gonna share with you guys is not something that I thought of. It was discovered/invented by my little cousin sister and the effect that it has on one's look is just fabulous! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Vijeta, my baby cousin who actually came up with and demonstrated to me this awesome technique...

What she does is, she dots the bridge of her nose and her inner-cheek with her red lippy and blends it all outwards. This gives her a natural looking perpetual blush that seems to be coming from within :)

Take a look...

I tried it and it looks superb on me too :) Here's a pic...
Forgive the oily face :P

This look would be apt when you really want to look like you have no makeup on and show a bit of red-ness. It gives an illusion of innocence, delicate skin and a very fair complexion.
But do be wary that this trick would work only on fair and medium skintones. On dark skins it might just look like a rash... One has to understand that this trick is to create an illusion of fair and delicate skin.

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