Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Toast to Beckey Bright

Ms. Bright appparently writes a coloum called Blog Watch for the Wall Street Journal. How and why she featured mine escapes me. I say thank you to Beckey. I am overwhelmed by the number of people that contacted me since yesterday. In fact it humbles me and that takes a great deaaal to do. Hopefully I made some new friends as I walk the road. There are so many out there that suffer as I do and evven worse, that I write this blog so that our side gets tolkd at least ass how it affects me and those around me. The last several weeks have been tough for me. I think my wife is getting use to me standing in the issles in the store kind of looking at her and pointing and saying I know you, then things register. My kids even ask me on the phone if I know who iam taking with. Sometimes I know right away others it takes a few minutes of talking, but I still have a ½ brain cell left so I function. To all of you that write me and tell me that you have gotten even a little comfort from this blog or undersstanding, my heart goes out to you with my own tears as I sit here and write, this has taken meee most of the morning til now to get this together. Thank You.

God Bless you all.