Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award to ISimplyLoveMakeup

My internet connection has been down since the past few days and so I had been checking my blogging account through my guy's blackberry, which is when I came to know that my blog had been awarded the "Versatile Blog" award by not 1, not 2 but 5 of my blogger friends who are Anks from Novice Makeup, Parul from AboutLipsticksAndBlushes, shoppingaholic, makeup chic from beautyreflections and Anuradha from golden sequins. Thank you girls and I feel really honored to have won this award from all four of you :) Yipppeeee Doooooo :D

The Rules to be followed on winning this award:

  1. Thanks the person who nominated me and give them a shout out (Hola!)
  2. Pass on the award to 15 bloggers
  3. State 7 Random facts about your self   
Like I already did, thank you to all four of you lovely ladies at Novice Makeup,  AboutLipsticksAndBlushesshoppingaholic,  beautyreflections and Golden Sequins for giving me this award! :) you guys have made my week :)

I would now like to pass on this award to 15 other bloggers. Wish I could give it back to Anks, Parul, shoppingaholic and beautyreflections :)
The awards ladies and gentlemen go to:
2. Tanveer from Addicted To Blush
4. Bhumika from newlove-makeup
5. Tapaswini from Beauty Through My Eyes
6. Saumya from The Vanity Bag Diaries
9. Rakshanda from Chamber Of Beauty
10. Ankita from Corallista
12. Namita from Vivacious Flair
14. Sahar from Sahar Awan's Blog

Now for 7 facts about me :)
1. I love Red Matte Lips!
2. I have a younger sister who is an Air Force Pilot :)
3. I am crazy about eye make-up and sure don't let my Asian Eyes (Mono Lids) come in the way!
4. I have chinki eyes and I am proud of them :P
5. I believe in exfoliating twice a week and daily moisturizing keeps one's skin all glowy and youthful :)
6. I am a software engineer but take out time everyday for a full on make-up session!
7. I have super frizzy wavy hair and would kill to get poker straight hair like my sister's :)

Thank you again to all my readers for their support and to Parul, Ankita, Makeup Chic, shoppingaholic and Anuradha for this award and encouragement :)