Monday, February 20, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Fluidline in Midnight Blues

With my current obsession of doing video tutorials I am already guilty of "ignoring" my blog :( and so you'll now see a slew of product reviews in order to make up for the past 4-5 days :P And what better way to start with a positive review of a product that is dear to many and a brand that is a favorite of all :) Oh God! I sound so poetic here! Siiigghhhhh.. Just cause I made a couple of videos and starred in them I feel like I am a movie star and have the right to be soo dramatic! Yeah right! :P

So anyways, going ahead with the review this was specially asked by Tapaswini and sweetie I am soo sorry I took more than a week to do it :( Mean person I am? Not so much I promise :P

MAC Midnight Blues is one of the products that I picked during the Pune Bloggers Meet and well have I been in love since or what! Midnight Blues is a part of the MAC Me Over collection and I find it to be very similar to MAC Siahi... Midnight Blues is a darkish blue shade with a slight hint of shimmer in specific lights. This supposed shimmer doesn't really show on the eyes, only in the pot :P

The texture of fluidlines remind me of "souffles". These are really soft like souffles unlike other cream/gel liners that tend to get hard after a couple of uses. These fluidlines on the other hand remain soft and "mushy" in the pots forever but dry-up real quick on the eyes. These are the best liners I have used ever and do not at all budge even on my super oily lids! Love it for that! :D

Image of the Product



Oohhhss and Aaaahhhsss!!
1. The shade is a gorgeous dark dull blue
2. It is quite decently pigmented.
3. Does not sting my eyes or cause any sort of irritation.
4. Applies really smooth
5. Does not dry up in the pot
6. Dries up real fast when applied.
7. Is waterproof
8. Is smudge proof
9. Does not crease even on my oily lids.

1. Fluidlines should come in more opaque shades!

It costs INR 1000/- as far as I remember.


Would I Recommend?
Are you kidding me? WHo wouldn't recommend it? Its a beautiful shade, the quality is out of this world and its MAC for God's sakes!

Overall Rating

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