Sunday, February 12, 2012

Combination Home Style, Modern and Classic Ethnic

Home designs  has a variety of styles, customized or cultural taste. The most popular home style and is most easily constructed in a modern style. Modern concept at a glance is a concept interior that has a simple character, and functional. As a homeowner could have been boredom come up with a simple modern style? then wanted to create a different atmosphere. Combination home style, modern and classic ethnic, may be an alternative to your home decoration. You do not need to remodel existing space theme

Combination two interior styles of modern concept and a classic ethnic, can be used as an alternative. Combines two different styles and even contradictory modern style and classical style was able to create a unique impression. Merging two different styles is very appropriate for those who have life-like art or ethnic style, but also do not want to escape from modernity.

Terms of the arrangement and design of the  concept of modern ethnic, stay abreast of the modern concept of a functional department in the arrangement of the rooms, by following the needs of residents. The addition of ethnic elements do not mean a major overhaul or arrangement that eliminates the modern concept is simple. Ethnic elements should not appear entirely in the interior. Elements of modern and ethnic elements can be combined with the composition ratio of 70:30 or 80:20, depending on your taste. If the ethnic composition is too large, stylish interior will actually tend to be ethnic, modern rather than ethnic.

Provision classic ethnic elements can be done by placing tables, chairs and floors of wood. . Placement of several ethnic accessories are also very strong influence to create an atmosphere and feel of the classic ethnic style of the house. Application materials are instrumental to creating a traditional atmosphere, such as the placement of a bamboo curtain that covered the space from the sun, reminiscent of the atmosphere in the village
In addition to the accessories that complement or enhance the room, the artwork is actually very supportive of the concept of ethnic modern. Placement of an abstract painting in the room can be a brilliant idea.

Well, if you are getting bored with the style of decorating a room, no need to change the theme of the room, just with a touch of other styles. The result, the room look different. Good luck!