Sunday, February 12, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Eye Shadow in Sushi Flower

It is beyond me why anyone would want to name a lovely Pink eye shadow as Sushi Flower? Uh! Sushi and flower? Excuse me!!! If you wanted something Japanese and also related to a flower wasn't Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom) a better choice? Some of these business related quirks, I just don't get and well I choose to remain happy with the beautiful shade of powdery pink this eye shadow has to offer :) I did a couple of looks with this shadow already but I somehow just cannot get enough of it :D I guess I'll start a section called "EOTDs with Sushi Flower" :P What say?

Sushi Flower like all MAC eye shadows is of excellent quality and quite decent pigmentation though I prefer Sleek shadows over MAC where pigmentation is concerned. Let's go through a point by point review of the shadow now :)

Image of the Product



Ooooohhss And Aaaahhss!!
1. Excellent quality
2. Beautiful color
3. Decent pigmentation
4. Easily blendable
5. Has a slight satiny finish which gives a beautiful sheen :)
6. Does not cause any reactions or allergies.
7. It does not crease me at all!

1. A bit expensive yes!

The mono eye shadow pan costs Rs.900/- while the refill pan costs Rs.680/-

One word. Definitely!

Would I Recommend?
Definitely! It is perfect for those who would love to wear a pink eye shadow but are apprehensive about "Pink Eyes" :P Its a perfect soft pink that does not look OTT! :D

Overall Rating