Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gymnastics for pregnant, step by step

Gymnastics for pregnant - this is another way to relax and enjoy the "interesting" situation. After all, the future mother's emotional state depends on a favorable course of pregnancy.
Physical activity during pregnancy is not excluded - they just have to be special. Not only that: a pregnant woman, these loads, and especially - gymnastics - are essential. Indeed, in the female body is such muscles that are involved only at birth, so you need to prepare them for the work, you need to develop and fill them with force.

It is also necessary to take care of the spine: after a few months he will have to withstand a double burden. Special exercises are needed regularly to your breasts after childbirth was supple and beautiful for you to have a lot of milk.
Gymnastics for pregnant need to be addressed not only to the body and the body was in good shape, but for the most part to ensure that the child was provided with oxygen, to the extent necessary.
Even if you are in excellent physical shape, when all exercise caution. With fatigue, discomfort or pain immediately stop work and take a few deep breaths.
Before you begin classes in gymnastics for pregnant women, by all means talk to your obstetrician-gynecologist and the doctor regularly to monitor their health.
Conduct training for at least an hour before a meal and not before an hour after eating. The best time for gymnastics - morning. Venues for classes for pregnant women should be well lit and ventilated.Be sure to remove your shoes and socks - the feet need to breathe.
Preferably, in the classroom in the room was empty (unless it is for group lessons) - you have nothing to distract. Tune in the affirmative. The time allotted for the gym, devote themselves exclusively. Think about what your child is in a comfortable place, feels like you move your hands and feet, listening to your breathing and heartbeat, and thus makes the gym with you.