Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet The Bloggers: Jennifer from JennySue Makeup

Like you all know I am vacationing in Mumbai and gearing up for tomorrow's Mumbai Beauty Blogger's Meet. But then its Saturday already and well people "Meet The Bloggers" is here again with yet another feature, this time with a new face and a surprise. Like last time I am again featuring a professional make-up artist but this time from across the seas... Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Jennifer from JennySueMakeup all the way from Georgia, U.S. :)

Jennifer is a professional make-up artist and a mother of 3 little wonders, 2 growing up boys and a baby girl Vivian. I have been following her blog since the past year and her's is the first blog I check every morning (after reaching office). Her blog is so fresh, so cheery and well totally genuine. She has the prettiest smile and little anecdotes about her kids are always so heart warming and sweet :) Do check her blog out!

So lets get to know her a little more...

Full Name Please
Jennifer Duvall
Blog URL   

Since How Long Have You Been Blogging 
since 2008

Blogs you enjoy reading 
Too many to count!!  But my top picks would be Kandee Johnson, Lipstick Rules, Pixiwoo, and Cup of Jo

What does make-up mean to you  
It's an art form that any woman can use to their benefit.  It has the power to completely transform a face or it can just enhance a woman's natural beauty.  Makeup is an easy confidence booster for me.

How would you describe the Make-Up scene in the US (in terms of which products are more favored and what trends tend to be more dominant)  
I think in the U.S. makeup is pretty "safe" overall and that the really "out there" trends aren't really worn by everyday woman, we tend to take it a little safe.  Which is okay in my opinion bc the majority of ladies out there don't need to rock a bright orange mouth or butterfly winged lashes every day!! Makeup is such a personal preference, I don't think you can really judge someone on how much is too much or too little.  Products favored seem to be the skin products (creams, foundations, concealers, highlighters) that produce a more natural and youthful glow to the skin to create that flawless face.

Prefer Lipstick or Lip Gloss  
for me personally, I wear a gloss 75% of the time.

Kajal or Eye Liner 
Kajal produces a deeper more obvious pigment which I love, but I wear more eye liner overall

Black Smoky eyes and Nude Lips or Nude eyes and Red Lips  
smoky eyes and nude lips

Pink Nail Polish or Black Nail Polish
the darker the better, so probably would have to go with black.

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Lipsticks 
Lancome (for department store prices) and L'Oreal (for drugstore)

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Eye Shadows  
tie between MAC and Stila

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Eye Liners  
Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye liners

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Blushes  

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Foundations 
L'Oreal True Match foundation

Now Some Deep Questions :)
What mistake do you notice people most often make in make-up 
NOT wearing concealer or enough blush.  Both of which makes you look tired without!

Top 5 Make-up Myths according to you  
1.  less is more. (not true, a lighter hand with more products is better!)  
2.  not everyone can wear red lipstick (yes everyone can, it just has to have the right undertone)  
3.  concealer should be lighter than your skin tone (no- produces raccoon eyes!)  
4.  women with oily skin shouldn't wear moisturizer (yes, they should bc that oil isn't hydrating!)  I can't think another myth that bugs me:)

Top 5 tricks or tips you have learn't in the Make-up Industry/Field  
1.  Using orange based concealer for dark circles on darker skinned ladies works wonders.  
2.  Using bronzer around the perimeter of the face produces a more realistic glow than putting it in the middle of your face.  
3. Put a swipe of white or flesh colored pencil along the inner waterline to brighten eyes.  
4. Use an eyelash curler every time!  
5. Apply your eye makeup first, before your concealer & foundation, then clean that under eye area with makeup remover so that you're not creating darker circles by those products falling into skin makeup you've already applied.

A Make-Up Must Have that every woman must have in her vanity/purse:  Small translucent powder or blotting papers to help with shiny skin!  And a great lipstick that can double as a lip color and blush in a hurry.

Make-up Advice 
Experiment, experiment, experiment, until you find what products, colors, and techniques work on you.  Makeup remover was made for a reason- so you can fix the mistakes!