Thursday, February 16, 2012 An Online Shopping Site Review, Experience & Haul

Hey girls and guys!!
Again going to do a shopping site review today! This one is a growing online cosmetic shopping site (India) called MakeupShades. I loved the name of the site "MakeupShades" very much as it describes clearly about the site. This is my first shopping experience with them and it was quite good. In this post, I am going to review the features of this site and show my haul. So, keep reading! Check out their website here. If any doubts about shopping with them, please drop a comment. I am here to help :) Let's move on to the review now.

MakeupShades Appearance
Yippee.. BLACK! BLACK! My stunning black! The colour of the site is the very first thing I noticed and fell in love with. I am a great Black lover and hence I loved this site which is very different from other shopping sites in India.
Here's a screenshot of this site's home page.Take a look. Cutie Stunning Black isn't it???
Their colorful logo is cute too!!

More About (As per the site)

 Shipping and Payment Options

When you scroll down the home page a little, new arrivals (Products) are shown. This helps people who are interested in buying new arrived products.. The recent "New arrivals" screen shot of the site looks something like this..
(The black background of the site highlights the products and gives a really classy look)

New Arrivals
Brands Available
The brand list is displayed on the middle left corner of the homepage. They do have only some brands right now as they are new. I believe that they will add more brands in future.

Even though there are only few brands available in Makeupshades, they are very good brands. Isn't it? We can easily search products and shop through this brand list. For example.. Are you interested in getting some Maybelline products? When you click on the "Maybelline" brand on brand category, Maybelline products are displayed in a separate page. The screenshot looks something like this..
Search by Brand 

Then how else we can search for products?? The site has a easy shopping design.
Hmm.. You can simply use the category list on the top to search for products (Please don't raise your eyebrows that I am teaching this very simple thing like teaching a child :P just for shopping beginners)

 Can you see in the below pic? (I marked with an arrow) I selected a category in the category tab, and some subcategories were shown in a drop down menu. As same as this, you can choose any category of your interest to view the subcategories and find your products.

When some of the subcategories are clicked, the products from that category displays..




Okay, Said almost every features of Makeupshades I feel! :) Now let us move to my haul and the shopping experience.

My Shopping Experience with
So, I placed my order on Saturday and received my goods on Thursday (As Sunday is not a working day, please don't count it) and hence I received my goodie pack in 4 days!!! They claim that they deliver within 5-6 days but just in 4 days they did for me!! Super duper!! :)

My MakeupShades Goodie Box
Well packed with an outer cover. My goodies were compactly & safely packed inside bubble wraps.  (with my bill outside)

Products I Purchased
All the products were freshly manufactured. Yayy!! Great job MakeupShades!

Lotus Herbals Amlapura - Shikakai and Amla Herbal Shampoo
MRP: Rs.155
MakeupShades Price: Rs.140
Get it from MakeupShades here

Lotus Herbals Soyashine - Soya Protein and Brahmi Shampoo
MRP: Rs.165
MakeupShades Price: Rs.149
Get it from MakeupShades here 

Lotus Herbals Soyasmooth - Soya Protein Crème Deep Conditioner
MRP: Rs.160
MakeupShades Price: Rs.144
Get it from MakeupShades here 

  Lotus Herbals Licoricewhite - Skin Whitening Cleanser
MRP: Rs.70
MakeupShades Price: Rs. 63
Get it from MakeupShades here 

Okay, Now comes the pros and cons.. 
  1. Easy Shopping Site Design (Stunning Black is another plus)
  2. Cash On Delivery (COD) available.
  3. Free gifts starting from Rs.300 purchase. :)
  4. Products are shipped sooner than their 5-6 shipping claim (I got mine in 4 days)
  5. Good customer service.
  6. Great Discounts.
  1. Lack of brands, Hope they will add some more brands in future.
Nothing else! Loved shopping with MakeupShades! :)
My Recommendation: Go ahead for a great shopping experience! Best site for online shopping beginners. Still we expect more brands MakeupShades!! :) I recommend everyone to shop from this site.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Will I Re-Shop?: Sure.. !! For their discounts and good customer service.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a gift voucher to shop from this site. But it doesn't affect my review.