Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Nature's Co Lily Of The Valley Body Lotion For Dry and Sensitive Skin Review

Hey guys and girls! Winter is coming to an end soon but still the chillness in air remains. This dries out the skin and makes it dull due to excess moisture loss. We all, especially dry skinned people need a good nourishing body lotion to retain skin's moisture and softness. My recent pick is "The Nature's Co Lily Of The Valley Body Lotion" from the Atmospure range. I am using this one for past few day and now I am reviewing it here. Before that let's see few lines about The Nature's co. All their products are totally vegan and non tested on animals. They don't even use ingredients like milk, honey, beeswax which are a few of the essential materials in any skin care product.The material that has been used for packaging is recyclable and bio-degradable. Isn't it interesting? I feel very safe, secure and great while getting their products. Okay, now.. Let's move on to the Review.

TNC Lily Of The Valley Body Lotion For Dry and Sensitive Skin

Price: Rs.525 for 250ml (8.45 fl. Oz.)

Shelf Life: 17 months

Know your Ingredients (Written on the small brown pamphlet)
Lily of the Valley, this woodland plant is native throughout the cool temperature Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe. The meaning of this flower is "You will find Happiness". It has purifying, emollient and protective properties.

Ingredient List
Each 100g contains 
White lily extract : 2.5%
Olive oil : 1%
Vegetable Glycerin : 2.5%
Vitamin E : 0.5%
Lotion Base, Aroma, Natural preservatives & Food Grade colours.

Products made using natural hill spring water.

Claims of the Product
Pamper your skin with the natural goodness of white lily. Its purifying, protective and moisturising benefits work wonders on dry sensitive skin. While its relaxing floral fragrance will linger on. 

Usage Instructions
Apply it liberally and evenly, both in the morning and night. It is especially effective when applied after bathing on moist skin.

My Views and Ratings 

The Packaging
The Nature's Co Lily Of The Valley Body Lotion comes in an attractive rectangle container (Bio-degradable too) which is in white with blue colour combination, so lovable. It has a sturdy flip top cap hence, this becomes travel friendly too. The doesn't leak or something, and fits compactly in the package because of its shape. There's a little brown pamphlet tied to the neck of the container (Written about The Lily of The Valley) with a thin jute twine which made it look so natural. Overall, the packaging is very classy and I loved it to core! I can't say any bad about this at all. You would have guessed my rating by now. He he..You're right.
Rating: 5/5 (Perfect Packaging) 
                                                 The Sturdy flip cap
Colour, Consistency & Fragrance
The day I got this product, I opened the cap and dropped out some lotion on my wrist at first. Oh god! It's so milky white and creamy, same texture like that of vanilla ice cream (Little thinner than that). The lotion is neither too runny nor thick, the perfect "Lotion" texture it has. Because of these two things, colour and consistency, I fell in love at first sight with this lotion. To say about the fragrance part, it is so unique and different. I felt the smell is very natural and as same as essential herbs, little flowery too. Nothing to say bad about it because it has a great rich fragrance which made me feel that I am using a "All natural product". I totally satisfied with this body lotion and started loving it before I started using it itself. Hats off!
Rating:5/5 (Smooth consistency and rich natural fragrance, nothing to find bad)

                                   The milky textured lotion on my hand

                                          Smoothly glides onto skin

Don't you see how smooth it is? Let us see how it works on my skin.

How It Works On Me 
I guess you would be eager about knowing this part now because I gave full ratings for the packaging & CCF parts. Now I will share with you all my experience with product. As mentioned in the pack, I applied this lotion onto my skin after bath, when my skin was moist. It glides onto skin very smoothly and gets absorbed within seconds without leaving any greasy feel (as my skin is extra dry in winters) And yes it does leaves a shiny cast which lasts only for minutes, then disappears. Of course it's not any greasy at all unless you are a oily beauty. The pleasant fragrance of this lotion makes me feel fresh even after long hours of every application and thus I would say that the fragrance stays for a decent time. The claim is very true that this lotion is for sensitive skins as it doesn't even cause a single odd thing or side affect on my sensitive skin. It's baby pure in my point of view.
   Will you believe this? A non greasy lotion stays on my skin for more than 8 hours!!! A great surprise. It moisturises skin well, instantly softens it and stays for a very long time too. If you are residing in a very cold place, this may stay for little short time, but even after the moisturising effect disappears, this doesn't let my skin dry. The skin is smooth throughout the day! This lotion is a great boon for nature loving dry skin beauties! In rougher parts like knees and elbows, it is recommend (by  me) to apply twice in a day for better results. I apply this lotion after ever bath (Once in the morning and once at the night) and totally loving its benefits on my skin. It made my skin more smoother than ever before! Overall, this is a great product for dry skins from TNC (The nature's co)
Rating: 5/5 (Boon for dry skins! Softens, nourishes and stays longer)

Hurrah ! 5/5 in all the three aspects! Let's see the PROS and CONS (Cons, you expect? uff)

  1. A naturally made product (It is TNC..!!). Hence, no chemicals, no harsh preservatives, no side effects! A great buy and worth every penny. 
  2. Smooth, milky texture which glides onto skin and gets absorbed easily.
  3. The yummy, natural and rich fragrance that stays on skin for a decent time.
  4. No greasy feel, a perfect nourishing body lotion for dry skins, especially in winters.
  5. Attractive, hygienic and travel friendly packaging.
  6. Sensitive skins will feel it very nourishing and calming.
  7. Cools down skins and softens instantly.
  8. Great staying power! This wont let your skin dry or stretchy for 8 hours!
  9. Contains ingredients like Olive oil, Vitamin E and veggie glycerin which are essential for nourishing dry skin and preventing dryness.
The price!! May be little expensive for some people (but worth every penny)
This is not for you if you have oily skin. Normal skins may feel a bit, only a bit greasy in hard summers. (Summer or winter, dry skins will love it totally)

Nothing else!! It's a great buy. They didn't claim that this lotion is for oily skin so they live upto their claims, why not? Does more than that. 

My Recommendation: Dry skins, Most welcome. A must try product for you! This is going to be your HG body lotion once if you try this. Suitable for all the seasons. A very natural product from TNC..! I highly recommend this. (Normal skins will also love this in winters, but not recommended for oily beauties)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Will I repurchase?: Don't you know the answer? Yessss!! It's going to be my winter HG body lotion. Natural!! All Natural!! 

Disclaimer: Product sent by PR. But it doesn't affect my review by any means.