Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet The Bloggers: Neeraj Navare from Beauty Traveller

Today's Meet The Bloggers section is a very special one cause it is for the first time that a trained Make-Up artist is being featured here :) We all know Neeraj and he doesn't need any introduction but what we all don't know is the fabulous work he has done on India's top models for various fashion shows. How did I know about it? Simply check out the pics on his facebook profile and you'll know what I am talking about! :)

So, lets know him a bit more and of course get some beauty myths busted by him :)

Blog URL:
Since How Long Have You Been Blogging: 5 yrs on and off..

Blogs you enjoy reading
Temptalia, Makeup and Beauty Blog, Afrobella, Britishbeautyblogger, Lisa Eldridge, Musings of a makeup artist, Beauty Look Book, Cafe Makeup and all Indian blogger friends (huge list)
What does make-up mean to you 
Makeup is like second skin. A fantastic way to hide the flaws and reveal a radiant complexion. Its like a booster dose of confidence.

Prefer Lipstick or Lip Gloss
 Lipsticks this season though always liked lipglosses.
Kajal or Eye Liner
Bourjois Effet Smokey Ultra black (now a days coz its cheap and better than most of the branded ones)
Black Smoky eyes and Nude Lips or Nude eyes and Red Lips
Black smokey eyes and nude lips always. It may not be classic but its chic.
Pink Nail Polish or Black Nail Polish
Pink Nail polish

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Lipsticks
Clinique, Lancome, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, MAC, Bourjois, Clarins and Max Factor
Favorite brand of cosmetics for Eye Shadows
Inglot, MAC, Lancome, BH cosmetics, Urban Decay, Too Faced, theBalm, Christian Dior

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Eye Liners
Bourjois, Chambor, MAC, Lancome, Clinique
Favorite brand of cosmetics for Blushes
Chanel, Shiseido, MAC, Clinique, Benefit, Christian Dior
Favorite brand of cosmetics for Foundations
Clinique, MAC, Bourjois, Chanel

Now Some Deep Questions :) 
What mistake do you notice people most often make in make-up
- Applying lighter shade of foundation is the first mistake and happens till someone makes you realize. Also putting on too much foundation without any reason.
- Applying brown lipsticks which can make their complexion even duller.
- Applying too much of loose powder or compact powder 
- Never using mascara. Most of them are scared at the thought of a mascara as if it was a torture device.
Top 5 Make-up Myths according to you:
- Using ice cold water before applying foundation. I found that the foundation went even more blotchy.Also using a very light concealer in the under eye area.
- They dont want to invest in good skin care products and yet look fair and beautiful.
- I have been told that since this person doesnt go out, she might not need sunscreen. Codswallop!!
- Funniest is - if I buy a mascara and open it once and not use it for one year, then it is still in good condition.
- Brown and pink are the best shades for Indian skins...especially blushes....such a myth and so funny...they look gross after doing all that.

Top 5 tricks or tips you have learn't in the Make-up Industry/Field:
- Always invest in good quality products as they yield better and work better than 2 of the cheaper ones.
- Always invest in greater quality brushes.They help me earn my living LOL
- Test the lipsticks on the inside of the fingers as the color matches to the color of the lips (ususally)
- Always layer any product for it to stay longer and look nicer. For eg. layer a powder blush over a liquid blush to increase longevity.
- Always define the eye crease with a warmer color or neutral color as cooler tones may look ashy. After defining you can overlay any other color you want.And highlight the inner corners of eyes to give an illusion of bright eyes.

A Make-Up Must Have that every Indian Beauty must have in his/her vanity/purse:  
Lipstick/Lipgloss, Eye lash curler, Mascara, Cream blush or Tint (works on lips too) and an oil free compact.
Make-up Advice Relevant to our Indian Skin Tones and Features: 
Warmer tones flatter our skin colors the most. Its important to use a right concealer preferably in a peach tone (MAC NW series) as it makes your eye makeup pop better. There are lot many colors than blacks and browns, so just go and get yourself a color. Makeup has to be right for an occasion, that doesnt mean use the same makeup for all occasions.If you like using cooler tones, remember to add one warm toned color in your entire makeup to prevent looking grey.If your foundation looks ashy then Kryolan makes a lovely yellow colored powder to neutralise the undertone and look better. For lipsticks, stick to colors that are similar or darker to your lip color. Lighter lipstick looks as if you have had a disease.