Monday, February 27, 2012

Mumbai Bloggers Meet and Haul :) [UPDATED WITH MORE PICS]

Hello everyone... Finally I could get some time and could start posting about my Mumbai trip and the Blogger's meet that we had in two installments :) Got home late last night, then went out for dinner with the "pati" and finally when we were home, I was so sapped out of energy that all I could was think of my bed and some sound sleep :) Oohhh looks like the Mumbai trip did tire me out :) So without much ado, let me just start with all the updates :)

Mumbai Blogger's Meet
The Mumbai Blogger's Meet was almost in two parts, one in North Mumbai and the other in South Mumbai... In the North Meet, Jinal, Jyoti, Preetha and I met up at Infinity Mall (Malad) where we shopped from Colorbar and Inglot (as was decided)... Like I told you guys before, we met up like we knew each other since eternity and as if I was back from boarding school in Pune and was meeting all my old friends (there goes my imagination!) :P It was so much fun and we were all at such ease with each other that it totally amazed me! :) After we hauled at Inglot and Colorbar, we proceeded towards Inorbit Mall (Malad) and hauled at Make Up For Ever and Kiehl's! Yay yay yay! :D It was great fun! :)
Jinal like many of you all know is a sweetheart and her eye make-up was just AWESOME. She is a drum of constant chatter and some delightful gossip! She and I traveled together from Marine Drive to Malad, which took us about 2 hours because of Saturday traffic (yes Mumbai has a typical kind of traffic for every day) :D WHat do you expect from two girls left together in a vehicle, which neither of them are driving for two hours? GOSSIP! LOL yup! but no nothing mean and bad ;) Just generally fun and girly banter :)
We met Preetha and Jyoti directly at the mall. I was meeting Preetha for the first time and wow she is such a beauty! Typical South Indian features of a sharp nose and beautiful expressive eyes (bharatnatyam types)... And her hair? WOW! Long black perfect and thick! And her delicate neck was the epitome of femininity. Oh God! I sound like a pervert! :P Preetha I hope you don't mind! :D Ooh and Preetha is like this live review of anything Inglot! :D
What struck me about Jyoti was her clear, blemish free and beautiful skin :) Totally gorgeous and totally glowy! She was the chirpy, bubbly one. Well yes we all had our bouts of girly giggle everywhere we went and yup we did attract a lot of attention. But then you didn't expect anything less than beauty bloggers now did you? :P

The South Blogger's Meet took place in my backyard (figuratively) :P I took meet everyone for only about 10 mins as I had a bus to catch for Pune. Here, Jinal, Neha, Heer and I met up and nope this time it wasn't about shopping... It was a more relaxed sit, meet and eat at Theobroma kind of a meet and it was seriously great  to meet them! Neha has the most luxurious and most beautiful lashes I have ever seen on a girl! I swear! and Heer had these beautiful half Asian kinda eyes, which as you all know are my fav kinds... Heer has this really sweet smile and laugh and that accentuates the prettiness of her eyes :)

I don't have pics for the second meet as Neha is yet to mail them to me :)

With Neha
(L-R): Heer, Jinal, Me, Neha

My Mumbai Haul
As I told you all earlier, I hauled at a great many places but I'll start with the highlight, which was MUFE :)
We all wanted to get ourselves the HD foundation, but sadly they were yet to receive their new shipment so we couldn't get the foundations :( But we all got our shades checked. Surprisingly Jinal, Jyoti and Preetha all ended up with the same shade 128, which the SA told us was "yellow" with a tinge of "Pink" while I was the outcast and he matched shade 153 to me, which he said is pure yellow. Now that wasn't a surprise! :P
They were out of stock of most of the stuff (weird) so I could only get myself a Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in the shade "34" and a Star Powder in an iridescent duo-chrome shade of pearl and golden (shade 940). The star powder can be used as a highlighter, eye shadow, mixed with a clear lip gloss and even mixed with your moisturiser! What more could I ask for!? :D

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention the SA. He was just amazing! Very patient and extremely sporting! He took time with all of us and answered all our doubts and queries!

Inglot was the first store we visited as was planned and the SAs totally put me off. They were the rudest bunch of SAs I have ever met in my life. They at first refused to be helpful. The head SA was downright condescending at first when I was asking her the price of the empty palettes. Then I told her softly that if she could not provide me with some info in a proper way, I might as well head towards MAC. I dont know what made me say it but it made an impact and then on the SAs were a bit more bearable :P LOL!

From Inglot, I bought a "round" empty palette of 10, 4 eye shadows and one lip pan. Also I got myself a duraline! :) On buying all this I got an eye-shadow free! Yay! :D

This was not planned but as usual I got tempted and I bought a blush (Floral Fuscia) and a smudge brush. With this I got to pick any eye shadow of my choice for free! Yay! I picked up "Proudly Purple" :D The SAs there were sweet enough and didn't over us like we would just flick something and run! :P LOL!
By the time we checked out Kiehl's Preetha and Jyoti had left and Jinal took me to Kiehl's where I had promised I wouldn't buy anything but ended buying a hair serum for dry and damaged hair (Yup! Thats my hair) :D Also, I got myself a sample for ultra facial cream and an overnight repair serum.

The SAs at Kiehl's were just amazing. Very cordial, very enthusiastic and very helpful :)

Hope you liked my haul :)