Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Have Been Tagged: Tag-O-Mania [Updated with Answers to Deepika Mohan's Questions]

Indu from indgallovesshopping tagged me and I have been itching to do this post since the past two days now. Finally got a chance :)
P.S. Deepika Mohan of Divassence tagged me too and hence I am answering her questions as well :)

The rules of this tag are as follows:
Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person who is tagged in this activity should tell 11 things about themselves, then answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you, then tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
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Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''

11 Things About Me
1. I love meeting new people and making new friends (I think it's obvious from my Meet The Bloggers and Blogger's Meet initiatives :P)
2. I love love love Sea Food. One reason why I love Bombay! :)
3. My favorite lip color is Red with Fuchsia a close second :)
4. I simply love using "smileys" in my posts, texts, mails and messages! Just can't help it :P
5. I love make-up, well who doesn't! But I love make-up as my favorite hobby than a necessity :) I do make-up when I am bored, I do make-up when I want to cheer myself up and I do make-up when I want to feel confident :)
6. I am a software engineer by profession working with Symantec, but take out at least 2 hours in a day for make-up after I come back from office, cook for my "pati" and clean the house :P How do I do it? I have no freaking idea! *blowing my own trumpet* ;)
7. I never liked wearing foundations and I still try to avoid it as much as I can :P Why? Cause I have this fear that it will start peeling and everyone would laugh at me :P Yup very akin to a "foundation phobia" :D
8. My idol and my inspiration is Jennifer Lopez... For make-up, for fitness, for fashion, for style, for hair styles... For everything!
9. Though I am not really into kids but I have HUGE respect for women who handle everything smoothly with children, career and harmony at home. Don't know if I will ever be able to do it.
10. I prefer to buy make-up than clothes and shoes and BAGS! :( So, my wardrobe is limited but my vanity extensive :P
11. I am seriously very proud of my half-Asian eyes. Love them and love the fact that it suits dramatic smokey eyes so well :)

Now answering 11 questions from Indu
1. Do you shop on a budget? - No. I try to but get tempted very easily!

2. Do you feel guilty on the amount of beauty products you have? Very Rarely :P

3. What do you think is your best purchase in regards to makeup? MAC Mineralize Compact Foundation with SPF 15 for my mom :) She was delighted! But if you are asking make-up for me then it has to be my recently purchased MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in shade 34

4. What is your favorite language and why? My favorite language would be my father's language that is MANIPURI (mei-tei-lon) cause it sounds very unique and exitoc! In foreign languages my favorite is SPANISH cause the pronunciation and the accent is very s*xy

5. Are you brand crazy when it comes to accessories like handbags and shoes?? It might sound pretentious but I am brand conscious! I prefer to have two good branded bags than have 7 unbranded ones. Is that too pretentious? :(

6. Ice Creams or Chocolates? Earlier it was chocolates but nowadays it is ice-creams :P

7. Whats your favorite high end brand and drug store brand for cosmetics? MAC. Drugstore: Colorbar and Faces

8. Whats the best brand for skincare? Hmmm surprisingly I am not brand conscious where skin care is concerned. I like whatever best suits me. As of now I swear my Garnier Body Cocoon (as my Daytime moisturiser), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (as my night cream) and Pond's Whitening face wash. I have recently started using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. But its too early to say if I like it or not :)

9. Can you go out of your house without any makeup? (Not even tinted lip balms) I refuse to leave the house without kajal, lipstick/gloss and blush. Eye liners have now become optional :) I try to be regular with mascara but I tend to forget to apply it :P

10. One product that you cant live without? Maybelline Gel Liner and moisturiser!

11. How much time do you spend for blogging? I spend around 3-4 hours everyday on blogging!

Answering questions from Deepika
  1. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the color Black? Kajal!
  2. What is the happiest moment in your life till now? When I got my first job through campus placement before I even finished my engineering :)
  3. Do your parents/husband/boyfriend know that you are a blogger? What was their initial reaction like? Mom: I am proud of you; Dad: Ha ha ha Good Time Pass; Boyfriend: Oooh your pics look Hot! Can I save them on my phone? :P Sister: I love you Deedee :)
  4. On an average, how many makeup products do you use on an everyday basis? Minimum 6. Kajal, Liquid Liner, Eye Primer, Lipstick, Mascara and Blush
  5. What is the weirdest thing you've ever come across in life? Oooh now this has got me thinking! Weirdest I guess would be when a journalist wrote in Mumbai Mid-day about Agatha Christie very confidently stating that her detective was never a woman (he forgot about Miss Marple) and referred to Hercule Poirot as the "French Man" :P
  6. Who is "THE ONE" person who can make you smile when you are in a terrible mood? ok hold your "awwwwwsss" but it is the PATI!
  7. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see yourself in the mirror everyday? Have I become fat overnight. But lately since I am gyming, I hold up my Tee and think oooh the stomach is going in. I guess the treadmill is your best friend after all :P
  8. If you had a free lifetime supply of makeup, which brand would you chose (only one!) MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC
  9. What according to you is something all bloggers should follow? (like a code of conduct etc) Do not copy from ANYWHERE. Copying and not giving is PLAGIARISM people! Its not only shameful, it is unethical and proves that you are a liar deep inside! Sorry but it gets to me real BAD!
  10. Have you ever given away a makeup product which you really liked but had no choice but to give it away? NO! I am ultra possessive about my make-up. Yes I am selfish where make-up is concerned! :P
  11. If you were on an deserted island and granted one wish what would it be? Lifetime supply of Green-Tea/Lemon Iced Tea. Yeah ok! Its an addiction! :P
My 11 questions to be answered by whom I have tagged
1. What do you like about ISimplyLoveMakeup the most (I am assuming that you read my blog :P)
2. Top three make-up products on your immediate wishlist
3. Foundation or BB cream? Whats your choice?
4. Eyeliner or Eye shadow? Take your pick!
5. One make-up product you prefer to stay away from!
6. You favorite color?
7. Would you wear your favorite color on your lips? :P
8. Manicure or Pedicure? You are regular with?
9. Fancy nail art or simple French Manicure?
10. Stiletto heels or wedge heels?
11. Skirts or Dresses?

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There! I think I am finally done! :D