Friday, February 24, 2012

No eat No meat

In recent years the problem of obesity experts drew attention to various areas including, and professionals involved in mental health.
Specifically, therapists, psychologists, sociologists and other professionals such as various schools and movements that occur in their work with the problem of overweight and obesity in their patients.

All over the world were interviewed and examined a lot of people of different races, ages, men and women of different religious backgrounds, etc. Unfortunately, the results of these studies were simply stunning.
Let's take a close look at the facts. So:
1.Ozhirenie is one of the most common and dangerous to the health and social diseases.
In accordance with the conclusions of the X International Congress on Obesity, Sydney (2006) (Can you imagine the size of the problem, if there is such a Congress?), Obesity should be considered as a global epidemic of non-infectious nature.

Overweight has more than 1 billion people (15% of the world's population), and this figure is constantly increasing, especially in developed countries, and in some countries are overweight say half the population or more.
Institutes of public health is seriously concerned about this figure, because:
• Overweight leads to an increase in mortality;• associated with an increased risk of diabetes of the second type, or artrozoartritom;• diseases of the respiratory tract;• certain types of cancer;• and cardio-vascular system, from which dies every third person in the world!
In addition, obese people are often faced with social problems such as stigmatization and discrimination, which can lead to mental disorders and even mental illness.
• High blood pressure occurs in the total of 3 times higher than in lean.• Atherosclerosis in young people with excess body weight is found in 2 times more likely than people of normal weight.• The likelihood of developing diabetes mellitus in moderate increases in total 9 times, and the obese - up to 40 times.

Thus, in obesity there are problems such as high blood pressure (in the future risk of heart attack and stroke), diseases of the musculoskeletal system (skeleton simply can not withstand such weight and begins to deform and break), diabetes (even end up here, and a whole bunch of related, have diabetes, problems), gastro-intestinal tract (with the amount of food is not easy to handle), cardiovascular disease (cholesterol plaques known to all, cause atherosclerotic vascular changes).
And this is just one of the best known and most common diseases, which in turn can lead to disability. A disability and disease, naturally, leads to a decrease in the overall quality of life.
Quality of life - this is the very feeling of fullness of life, satisfaction with themselves, their lives in general and in particular the possibility of free choice.
2.Bolshinstvo research specialists around the world highlights a number of biological, psychological and social factors that influence the development of obesity.
The formation of the human species had at the time when food was not enough time to time. In lean years, the body use stored fat to survive.
Now food has increased, it is cheaper and more accessible, it contains more fat, but we do not perceive the difference.

• There is no physiological mechanism, which signals that we used too many calories. And this partly explains the excess weight.• The cure for obesity - a nutrition and activity (not only physical but also emotional, social).• It is important to understand why you overeat. Depending on your response, you can come up with a strategy of protection.