Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Updates

Hello hello hello :) Yes I am very happy as of now... Ecstatic rather! Why you ask...
1. Received my Blisscovered Box today
2. Going to Mumbai tonight!
3. On leave tomorrow
4. Mumbai Bloggers Meet on Saturday
5. Planning to raid Inglot and MUFE :D

yes there is a but...
1. Haven't yet opened by Blisscovered Box cause am in office and its at home.
2. Won't be able to post about it till late tonight i.e. once am in Mumbai
3. My posts might just get a bit irregular

yes another but... Do keep visiting my blog for surprise posts. Also, do keep commenting, I will surely reply to all the comments though it may be sporadic and not very consistent. But I promise to reply to ALL comments :) Why? Cause I love chatting with you guys :)

Ok so now wish me luck for my Inglot and MUFE venture and pray that I get some awesome products and may be even some delish deals :)

wait for flaunt/haul posts :D

And Mumbai beauties... Hope you guys are coming...
Venue: Infinity Mall, Malad
Day: Saturday
Time: 3:30 pm :)
Meeting Point: In front of the Inglot Store