Tuesday, February 21, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: The Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral Cream Compact in Golden Vanilla

Phew! Thats a long name in the title of the post ;) This perhaps is the most awaited review since a long time but seriously guys I needed to try this foundation out nice and proper before I gave you all an honest and an extensive insight about this product. So then let me start at the beginning...

I do not use a lot of TBS cosmetics, only their solid perfumes and the Tropical Rainforest range of their haircare products. But I still generally go through the various stuff on display to make mental notes and to tally with my previously made mental notes. Weird? Nah! :P So while "aisle" shopping, I saw this foundation and on a whim picked it up... The SA I must say was really good and she was able to tell my shade bang on. I haven't seen anybody so confident and yet so right about someone's skin tone as she was! :D Thats a plus while shopping now isn't it? :)

Once I got this home, I kept it in the "ghar ka mandir" for about an hour praying to God that it suit me and that this would prove to be my HG foundation. Yes I sometimes do that. I did that with my first MAC buy as well and with my most of my cosmetics that come a bit "expensive" :D So after I did a full aarti type puja, I took the foundation out, opened the package and fell in love with it. Awesome packaging, great quality foundation brush, odorless product... What else do you need? yes yes you need to check out the product on you before a verdict right? So I did that. I applied it and it felt like butter... It blended it out smoothly on my skin, the brush was soft yet firm, the shade was perfect and my skin looked all glowy and hydrated :) I fell in love for the second time :)

After I did my make-up and preened and pranced around the house, I removed it and went off to sleep. I wake up the next morning to see not one but TWO zits on my face! And my face never breaks out!!! Can you imagine the betrayal I felt? I was heart broken! The way I fell in love with this product and the way he betrayed me was just so painful :( I did not touch it for a couple of days when I observed that my skin had started drying up and flaking! Can u imagine, on one hand I have to care about two stupid zits and on the other my skin totally starts flaking! I just couldn't understand as to what was going on! Ok I wont go into further details but I finally found out that it wasn't the TBS foundation but the Pears Gentle Face Wash that was doing all this to my skin!!!! Sighhhh! Was I relieved or what!

So anyways.. Final Verdict: I have found my HG foundation. It was MAC first but this is way cheaper ;)

Oh btw I bought it in the shade Golden Vanilla and I am MAC NC40 :)

Image of the Product



Oooohhss And Aaaahhhss!!
1. It is non-drying
2. Gives a nice glowy and a healthy finish.
3. Has tons of shades to match almost every skin tone.
4. The brush that is comes with is just perfect!
5. It stays on for pretty long and even stays put in the sun.
6. Is waterproof.
7. Does not streak due to sweat!
8. Comes in a nice and convenient cream compact form. This form is my favorite! :) Very easy to carry around.
9. Does not cause allergies, breakouts and reactions ;)
10. It gives medium coverage (I loathe the heavy coverage ones!)
11. It comes with a mirror as well!

Nothing that I can think of :P

It costs INR 1375/- for 8.5 gms.

Definitely! Since its my HG I am even contemplating on buying a couple of back-ups and stocking them up! 

Would I Recommend?
Oh yes! I would recommend it to all dry/normal skinned beauties... I am not sure if will suit oily skinned girls though it suits Ankita from Corallista who has oily skin :)

Overall Rating:

Dupe For: MAC Mineralize Compact Foundation with SPF 15