Monday, February 13, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Paint Pot in IndianWood and a Valentine's Day Look

Of course you all have heard of MAC Paint Pots and of course you have heard of IndianWood as well... But you guys'll need to be patient and hear me out when I say that I love it and I very well intend to make you guys fall in love with it as well if you are already not ;) It is this gorgeous shade of Gold, which is less yellow and more coppery. It is an antique coppery gold with a smooth buttery texture, which dries up real fast and then doesn't budge an inch :) It stays on my oily lids like forever :D

Image of the Product



Oooohhss And Aaahhhsss!!
1. It's a gorgeous shade.
2. It's stays on for like ever!
3. It does not crease even on my oily lids.
4. It can be used as an eye shadow as well as a base.
5. Its smooth and buttery and very easy to work with.
6. At 1100/- some might find it a bit expensive but trust me it is worth every penny and it goes on like forever and just doesn't get over :P
7. It is waterproof and smudge proof. It does not transfer and stays on for really long.
8. It would ALL Indian skin tones for sure!

I swear I cannot think of any cons!

It costs INR 1100/-

Oh yes! Though I am eyeing Constructivist right now ;)

Would I Recommend?
Definitely! It is the most versatile shade of Golden and its a must have for everyone! you just apply it on your lids and you are ready to go! Convenient and Gorgeous at the same. What else you need?

Overall Rating

So have you tried this already?