Wednesday, February 8, 2012

VIOLETBAG Online Shopping Site Review and 5 Easy Steps to Shop

Hey friends!
Today I am going to review a growing online shopping website called I hope all of you would have heard about it as it is becoming famous day by day, and now I am going to write my review of this site.The site looks very pleasant and clean. I loved the name of the site Violetbag very much as it is very trendy and easy to search. Read further to know about this site's specification and more. I believe that you would love to purchase from here as I did :)

Their Logo Site Appearance

As you see in the above screenshot, they have listed variety of categories for an easy shopping experience. They have categories such as Beauty tools, Makeup, Fragrances, Haircare, Herbal Care, Men, Bath and body, Skincare and also Brands. When we click on a category, the products from that category are displayed. There are options that we can sort the products by Name and Price, hence it becomes much more easier to find the product of our wish.

Look at here, A wide list of sub categories are displayed when I click the main category that I am interested in. Very easy to sort out and check, Isn't it?

The Subcategories of "Makeup" 

About (As per the site) 

The Slideshows of their site with wonderful product explanation. 
(This seems really classy and give us ideas about purchasing)

                                          The Beauty Accessories  

                                                   Makeup Cosmetics

                                                       Skincare Products

Nothing other than these above 4 screenshots can describe Violet bag more! Almost everything related skincare/makeup/beauty is present here! (Even accessories at great discounts)

They have lots of stuff for men too..!! Great!!

And the another thing is that I was really surprized that they have lots of brands from A to Z. As they are a new growing website, they may lack in few brands but I assure that they will add them soon too. Check out the picture below to see how many brands they have!!!

So, By now you would have realized who good their website is and how easy it is to sort out the items and purchase, not only these things, there are lot to say about Violetbag. More than all of these specifications, the most loveable thing is their discount. They offer great discounts for most of the products we purchase, this makes every shopping reasonable and affordable.

Here are the recent discounts they offer for many branded cosmetics..

They offer great discounts that you cannot get in stores isn't it? hence you can shop the latest products with discounts and save your money. That the shopping becomes easy, time saving and affordable too.

The Shipping cost is just Rs.50 if your purchase is below Rs.250 and the shipping is totally free if you purchase above Rs.250, thus this is a very best deal. You don't need to go for stores and search for products, you get wide range of products from here waiting at your door step within few days with totally free shipping! So, In this thing, I recommend everyone at least to shop once from this website, You're surely gonna get addicted to it and shop again and again thereafter. They do have valentine's day gift hampers too.. So Romantic!

What else? Cash on Delivery is also available in Violet bag, hence you can pay once your relieve your goodie parcel! :) It is a great deal too for online shopping beginners and as well as others.

I took so much time to describe the website itself! Ouch I cannot resist at all. I loved the shopping experience very much. I was waiting eagerly for my goodies to reach my home and here comes the experience how I purchased, I am going to teach you how to purchase :D I will do my next post with the goodie parcel and product pictures!

I placed my order on Saturday afternoon and Recieved at Wednesday Afternoon, hence their claim is true! This is a very easy process, you need to sign up for violetbag (Totally free) to place orders and they will send you a confirmation mail within seconds. Then you can place your orders without any trouble. I will show you and example wait..

If you need to purchase a product, just click on the product (The product information is also displayed below the product, so that you can choose one which suits you, seeing the specifications) This will look something like this.. then you need to click the "Add to bag" button. You can also choose the quantity you want to purchase

How to Shop at

Step 1

Step 2
After clicking the "Add to bag" option, the site will display something like this..

Step 3
You can add as many as the products you want by clicking the "Add to bag option". The products will be saved in your cart and you can purchase it whenever you want. Click "Continue shopping" to select more products.
  Now after selecting your products, click the "Review and Order" button. You will be redirected to this page..

Step 4
If you want to place your order right then, just click the "Place order now" option. You will be redirected to the login page. You can login with your existing account and if you don't have one, just create a new one within few minutes for totally free!!

Step 5
After logging in, you will be redirected to this page. If your creating your new account, submit your shipping your address carefully.

 You can check your SHOPPING BAG anytime and pay & purchase anytime! You can also remove or add products from your cart at anytime!

That's it! With this simple procedure your order will be placed and you will receive your confirmation mail within minutes stating your product details and a PDF file of your purchase bill proof (You can save it for your future references) You can choose the options of payout as your wish as cash on delivery etc.. They also do send a confirmation message to your mobile after your place your order and once when they ship your order. Hence, they will be in touch with you till your receive your shopping bag. You can also login to their space to check out the status of your order anytime or make changes in your order. Overall, I fell in love with Violetbag for all these reasons, it's a great online shopping website :)

My Rating: 5/5

Hope this post is informative :) Check out their site here or their facebook fan page here  for more details and contact them anytime for further assistance.

THEY HAVE A VERY GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE MORE THAN EVERYTHING (they reply to all of your queries and instruct you in a kind way)!!! 


Diclaimer: I have not been paid for writing this review, these are my honest opinions with the experience of my recent purchase.