Friday, February 10, 2012

VLCC Strawberry Lip Shield SPF 10 Review

I am reviewing a VLCC lip shield (Kinda lip balm) today that I purchased only for the reason "Strawberry". Yeah I love strawberries so much and hence purchased this VLCC strawberry lip balm without reading any reviews. You won't believe a thing that I just got it 3 days back!! What's going on your mind now? Just 3 days, how would she review it so soon then? Because I love this product and it tempts me to review it so soon. Even though it's not enough time to test a product and review it, I am giving my honest opinions about it with its pros and cons in my point of view. 

VLCC Strawberry Lip Shield Lip Smoothening with SPF 10

                                       Forgive me for the bad clarity pics :(

Price: Rs.95 for 10ml; I got it for Rs.81 from Violetbag here

Shelf Life: 4 years

Ingredient List
Strawberry extracts, Castor Oil, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate, Shea Butter, Di-Methicon, Vitamin E.

What does the Product Claims
This unique lip shield enriched with rich emollients, locks-in moisture and heals dry chapped lips. Its active ingredients enhance NMF(Natural Moisturising Factor) of the lips leaving them smooth and supple. SPF 10 protects from the Harmful Sun rays.
Usage Instructions:
Apply onto lips as often as desired. Can be applied under Lip Colour.

My View About this Product with Ratings

The Packaging
Tub packing!!! This always makes me say yikes because it's unhygienic :( Who would love to dip their finger every time into the container to take the lip balm? Yucky isn't it?  If you have long nails it's surely going to be a mess. I would be happy if this product comes in tube. I always do not like tubs and container cosmetics. The only good thing is that it is sturdy and hence becomes travel friendly. Nothing to say much about the packaging. It comes in a small sturdy container with blue screw lid which is handy and cute but not at all hygienic. The packaging doesn't impress me at all.
Rating: 3/5  (-2 for unhygienic tub packaging)
                           Small transparent container with sturdy blue cap
                        The pack on my hand (Very cuteee and handy Isn't it? )

Colour, Consistency and Fragrance
As you see in the pics, it is very strawberry-ish in colour with a thick consistency. The consistency and texture is perfect for a lip balm, neither thin and nor too thick. As it is winter, it is a little thick but I doubt it would become little loose in summers due to the temperature. The small tub is fully filled with the lip balm hence it lasts long for even months. To say about the fragrance, it is really soooo yummy! The sweet smell of strawberry fruits which I love a lot! Some may feel that the smell is bit heavy but strawberry lovers will long for it. It is very slightly tinted. Yes! very slight as you see in the below pic. It will show up a bit on pink lips, pigmented lips cannot get the slight tint too. The lip shield spreads smooth over my lips without any greasy or waxy feel in winters, but I am not sure about summers as the consistency may change and gives little sticky feel.The lip balm lasts for maximum 2 hours in winter and you have to re apply then. The fragrance lasts for about 30 minutes only, and I guess the shield would last on lips for more time in summers. Whatever, I am in love with this for the yummy fruit smell. What are strawberries for you? Yayy or Nay? Strawberry lovers, this is just a treat for your sweet lips!
Rating:4.5/5 (It needs more lasting power)

How it works on me
The very first time I opened the tub, the strawberry flavor took of me off :P as am mad about strawberries and fruity flavors. I had a bad chapped lips due to improper maintenance this winter, I never apply lip balm in time, I never scrub lips to remove dead cells (I am lazy as all you know) but within this 3 days of usage, this lip balm softened my lips and removed all the flakes. This might because of I do have normal lips and carrying it everywhere and using it often for the flavor :P but not sure how it will work on extremely dry lips. Moisturising and staying power won't be that good on dry lips I guess, but you can use this as a base coat when using lippies, especially non SPF lipsticks as it has SPF and spreads smooth over your lips. I am satisfied with this product as it suits my normal lips well and helps it heal from dryness. For this price, this is okay, cannot expect much and all. My cousin said that it helped clearing out her pigmented lips up to an extent!!! I will buy this at least for my yummy strawberry flavor every time :) I read many negative reviews about this product but this is nice in my point of view as it nourishes up to an extent and smells good. Dry lips would feel it less moisturising, Anyway! Give a try if you love strawberries! :)
Rating: 3.5/5 (-1 for less moisturising effect and -0.5 for lasting power)

  1. Yummy Strawberry flavor which is quite heavy and sweet!
  2. Price for the worth, it is affordable.
  3. The container is fully filled with the lip shield hence lasts for months even with daily use.
  4. Sturdy Packaging which makes the product travel friendly
  5. Spreads smooth on your lips without any hardness.
  6. People who loves slight tint would love this product.
  7. Heals and softens normal lips, perfect for summer usage! Winters too depending on your lip type. 
  8. Natural ingredients like strawberry extracts and Vitamin E nourishes lips.
  9. Very handy and so you can carry it everywhere.
  10. 4 years of shelf life!!!! It's pretty good.
  11. Can use under lipsticks for a glossy effect.
  12. SPF 10 protects lips from harmful rays, for the price, SPF content is great!
  1. The tub packaging which makes it very unhygienic!! ( You need to dip your finger to take out the lip shield, this creates a mess)
  2. The flavor becomes both a pro and con. Strawberry lovers will love it. What if you hate strawberries or sensitive nosed? The fragrance is bit heavy.
  3. Very less moisturising effect which can only suit normal lips. This product is not for extremely dry and chapped lips.
  4. Some may feel this a bit sticky.
  5. Just stays for 1 to 2 hours in normal lips and less than that when climate is cold. Staying power should be more.
My Recommendation: Get it if you love strawberries and if you have normal lips!:) You will love this cute handy and sweet smelling lip balm. Dry lips, strawberry haters and sensitive nosed people stay away!

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 (-1 for packaging & -0.5 for less moisturising effect)

Will I repurchase again?: I am a strawberry mad :P Wont I? Sure! Again and Again!