Monday, March 19, 2012

5 Easy Ways to Overcome Body Odor.

We certainly want to avoid an unpleasant body odor, caused by sweat or dirt. Body to sweat, causing body odor can not be avoided. Overcome body odor is tricky. Certainly the most natural way to shower and change clothes. But if every time the body odor should shower and change clothes will be a hassle because it takes a lot of clothes. Another way is to prevent the growth of bacteria that causes body odor and sweat control so as not to overdo it. So what can we do to be free from body odor. The following 5 easy ways to overcome body odor.

1. Maintain cleanliness of body
Body odor is affected by the daily habits and home environment. Try to maintain the cleanliness of body for
prevent body odor.

2. Clean the body
Bath at least twice a day, is a common way of maintaining cleanliness. Do not forget to use soap let sweat and oil are removed the body part is missing. Source of body odor is usually on the parts of the body such as thighs, armpits, and feet. So try to clean the parts of the body.

3. Change clothes regularly
Lazy dressing is your bad habits, especially for the lazy to change underwear. Especially if your activity is often crowded and sweaty. Also, get used also to choose clothes that are not too tight and easy to use pakian are made to absorb sweat.

4. Treating armpit
Apparently, shaving armpit hair to reduce excessive expenditure apocrine glands. You can wear cologne or deodorant to prevent armpit odor, or the herb is also appropriately and regularly, usually after a bath.

5. Proper nutrition
Consuming water, nutrients and fruits that contain antioxidants. Avoid food and drinks that contain caffeine, chocolate and fat. Bacteria are very fond of sweat that much fat. Consume lots of fluids will reduce the work of apocrine sweat glands so as to minimize the occurrence of body odor.

Unpleasant body odor sebenrnya easily overcome, by maintaining the cleanliness of the body, clothing, and use the right perfume. 5 easy ways to overcome body odor you may already know, so try to practice it.