Monday, March 26, 2012

Huge Decleor Spring Sale!

When shopping online for beauty products I like to be able to purchase items from a variety of different bands in one place. It's always a pain to have to pay for shipping two or three times when you could fill up your virtual basket in one place and be done with it! That's why I love websites like feelunique, Escentual, BeautyBay, Boots, and CheapSmells! You can sit down at your computer with a cup of tea and stock up on beauty supplies from the comfort of your own home. Perfect!

I wanted to tell you about a huge sale that are having on all Decleor products at the moment. There are some huge savings of up to 70% that are definitely not to be missed out on! The sale ends on the 29th of March so I thought I would share with you my top 6 picks for spring!

1. Decleor Foaming Cleanser with Essential Oils and Essential Waters 
 This rinse-off cleanser gently cleanses the skin of all impurities and brightens the complexion. It's a perfect one for those who love cleansing with water and also for those of us who love our sonic cleansing brushes! It's a creamy consistency and foams up when in contact with water for a real deep clean! Suitable for all skin types. Available here:
RRP £21.50 / CheapSmells Price £14.75 / Saving £6.75 (31%)

2.  Decleor Aroma Cleanse Eye-Makeup Remover Gel 
This natural, clear gel removes every trace of make-up, including waterproof mascaras! It is suitable for the most sensitive skin and even fine for contact lens wearers. The clear, gel texture transforms into an astonishing emulsion on contact with make-up, so it can remove all trace of mascara, without leaving any lipid film. Quite amazing! Available here:
RRP £19.00 / CheapSmells Price £9.99 / Saving £9.01 (47%)

3. Decleor Hydra Floral 'Fresh Flower' Moisturiser
A lovely light and fresh moisturiser that provides continuous hydration to your skin. It contains an anti-pollution plant active ingredient, to protect the skin against harsh environmental elements. This little wonder-cream also claims to immediately relax the skin, quench its thirst, and, provide continuous and intensive hydration. Available here:
RRP £37.00 / CheapSmells Price £23.95 / Saving £13.05 (35%)

4. Decleor Aroma Cleanse Exfoliating 'Fresh Skin' Body Cream
The ideal exfoliating cream to renew and revitalize the skin. It contains smooth round beads which gently exfoliate without causing irritation. It gently eliminates the skin’s impurities, roughness and dead skin cells while improving the oxygenation of the skin.Your skin is left feeling revitalized, marvelously soft and silky! A perfect product for using pre-fake-tan! Available here:
RRP £31.50 / CheapSmells Price £14.95 / Saving £16.55 (53%)

5. Decleor Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel
 This relaxing bath and shower gel helps eliminate impurities and neutralises the effects of hard water from our taps! Ideal for you (or the man in your life!) as it promotes deep relaxation and an immediate sense of well-being under the shower or for a long soak in the bath. Available here: 
RRP £21.00 / CheapSmells Price £11.95 / Saving £9.05 (43%) 

6. Decleor Clay and Herbal Cleansing Mask 
This creamy mask is enriched with a cocktail of both fruit and plant extracts, for a double effect of purifying and softening. It is suitable for all skin types that need a gentle purifying mask and claims to dissolves all impurities and help cleanse the skin without dehydrating it. This pampering mask is a great all-in-one product as it cleanses, refines the skins texture, and gives you a lovely feeling of hydration. Available here:
RRP £27.50 / CheapSmells Price £13.95 / Saving £13.55 (49%)


I really hope you enjoyed the post! I can't wait for my Decleor purchases to arrive so that I can get pampering myself in time for the sunny summer months! What your favourite products for Spring are? Also, do let me know if you decide to purchase any of my recommendations!