Sunday, March 25, 2012

LOTD: Winged Eye Liner with a play of Purple and Cranberry

You all know how much I have been obsessing over winged liners lately don't you? And before you roll your eyes and say to yourself "oh no not another winged liner look", let me promise you all that nope you wouldn't be bored I promise and though I plan on doing a couple of more of these looks, I can assure you that you all would be far from bored ;)

This time I have used Purple and Cranberry eye shadows and created a not-a-very-blended-out look. Rather I have let both the eye shadow colors be very individualistic today and not be blended into a third shade. So in short I haven't allowed by shadows to marry each other and produce a third one of their kind ;) You get what I am saying? LOL. Yup I guess you could attribute this loss of my realistic thinking to #MondayBlues. Sighhhhh...

You know now that I am seeing the pics on the blog, I cannot help but feel that this makeup is making me look a bit retro, a bit catty and also giving me a sci-fi look. You think it's my #MondayBlues kicking in again? :P Haha