Thursday, March 1, 2012

Simple Way to Create Mood of Happiness in Lonely

One time must have felt lonely in a life, either due to no work, no school, or traveling families left behind. May appear loneliness, fear, empty because no one who can talk to or joke. You do not need to fret, think positiv. Have you ever seen the movie in the '90 's titled "Home Alone"? there an 8 year old boy who left home when his family vacation in a foreign country, children are not scared or crying, even he could make his life more free and happy in his way. If you are still confused about how to create a happy atmosphere of in the quiet moments, here's a simple way to create mood of happiness in lonely, may be able to help you.

1. First think positive, that you can do what you please. Eliminate shadows friends, family or girlfriend. Current position as singgle fighter. Continue to do everything you can

2. You can try to play your collection of movies with sound harsh, while sleeping or eating. Try to practice the scene without anyone who saw or laughed at, laughed out loud at a funny scene very cool

3. Calculate the money you have, or the remains of the family. Go to the market and buy you love, whether it be toys, books, or food, an all be enjoyed alone

4. Go to the kitchen, select a variety of food ingredients,  try to express your chefs soul. Here do not have to worry wrong, there is no mother or wife who will scold.

5. Play your favorite music in the room, shouting to follow the rhythm of song freely, no one bothered with noisy voices are created.

6. This is what I like most, playing your favorite game while providing snacks and drinks, if it has been tired to sleep.

So, the atmosphere is quiet or alone it does not mean blocking to be happy, even without our express desire to disturb anybody, if there are additional from you, please for the comments