Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The fashion for perfume

Everything in life is subject to standards legislator, Her Majesty Mode.
And even the smells are no exception, despite the fact that they can not hold, see or touch. Maybe that's why fashion scents more constant than in the clothing and accessories.
Take, for example, one of the oldest old - Chanel № 5 - this fragrance is the most honorable place in perfume stores, despite its well known.
But it is still a classic beloved by many, that will give odds to any beginner who is ready to compete in actuality.

However, the eternal happening every day, so in the history of fashion and there are flavors that are stamped "ephemeral."
They are made in accordance with the trends of the season. And six months later release stop them and replace with new compositions.
At the beginning of the last century have been widespread floral scents.
The exceptions were Jicky, paparatnikovy flavor, and L'Heure Bleue - East of the composition of Guerlain. At this time appeared the first chypre fragrance Mitsouko by Guerlain, which is popular today.

In the 20s there Chanel № 5 - first floral-aldehyde fragrance - Luxury perfumes and modern classics. Aldehydes - a synthetic fragrances composed with pure chemical compounds, which provides a large TIGblogs nuanced flavors.
At the same time enthusiastic Eastern traditions and themes, and the trendy flavors joined by deep amber notes.
30s gave fans of romantic floral arrangements Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden.
At the same time, there is the most expensive perfume fragrance at the time of Jean Patou Joy on natural essences.

Its relevance at this time is not lost and Oriental flavors.
In the 40 new flavors began to emerge after World War II.
The first was the chypre-fruity fragrance Femme Rochas. In 1947 appeared a green chypre fragrance Miss Dior. And the first green floral perfume Vent Vert was from Balmain.

In the 50 years of leadership positions occupied predominantly floral fragrances.
The most famous of them became Diorissimo from Dior and a kind of cult perfume L'Interdit by Givenchy, which were created specifically for Audrey Hepburn.

In the 60 perfumers turned again to the aldehyde flavors, making them the most fashionable. Also popular at the time of the composition and the bright green citrus notes.
In 1977 appeared a scandalous Opium of the YS-Laurent, which radically changed the fashion for fragrances. Popular songs are heavy intoxicating oriental notes.

80 proved to be sugary-sweet, heavy smell of screaming.
At the same time were valid and spirits, which were the complete opposite of the first, for example, Nina by Nina Ricci - air and gentle.

In the 90 heavy flavors have been replaced by the first unisex perfume.
The first perfume, suitable for both sexes, was CK One by Calvin Klein. There were notes of watermelon, melon Escape by Calvin Klein and the Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden.
After that, the era of seasonal flavors and fragrance of a series of odors from the aromatherapy effect.