Monday, April 23, 2012

6 Ways to Gets Body Slim Permanent

How to get a slim body usually done with a diet program. Diets that do not always get results in line with expectations. Sometimes we're on a diet themselves to death, but obtained only feel tormented by hunger. Actually there are many ways you can do to lose weight without excessive hunger. Doing the right diet to lose weight are required. Simple but precise den diet routine is condition. This if you want to have a permanent body slim. Not only running at the time of weight loss, but on an ongoing basis. Here are 6 ways to gets body  slim permanent

1. Stop emotional eating
To get a slim body, there was no need to hold hunger. Normal hunger experienced by everyone, then there was no need restraint.
But the rules do not eat three meals a day should be avoided, or arrested, because it will damage the body's metabolism. July according to emotional eating is actually held, the point where you feel like eating because of stress or emotional attacks. Emotional eating is also often the case when you hear the artisan food vendors that pass near the house.

2. Avoid snacking
Too much snacking can be detrimental, because too many calories into the body. Moreover, if it is done without a balanced exercise. To get a slim body, reduce this snacking habit. Avoid snack foods while watching television, playing games, or working at the computer, because it turns out this activity while snacking can make you unable to control the amount of food you consume. Then you unconsciously to eat it in a short time, and tend to look extra sweet and savory snacks other.

3. Increase metabolism
Accumulation of fat in some parts of the body is actually a way that carried the body to maintain metabolism. Metabolic processes are smooth and well it can help the body to avoid the accumulation of food reserves in the form of fat cells. Decrease in metabolism is one of them caused by frequent hunger and strict diet.
Eat a variety of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables full of vitamins and fiber. Meet the nutritional needs balanced with the right portion, to avoid being overweight. Thus the metabolism of the body will not react counterproductive to maintain the body's metabolism of the disease, so the body's metabolism becomes smooth and slender.

4. Perform a fun sport
Sports other than to nourish the body can also help the body to form a slender body. If you are not someone who likes to exercise, just do some fun activity for you. "If you do not like to exercise in the gym, just do some work that could make you happy and do homework," he advised.
For example, do the house cleaning activities such as sweeping or mopping the floor. These activities can be categorized as a sport for the whole body may move actively and also produce sweat. However, it is best to do it with a relaxed mind, a happy heart, and with no load.

5. Do five "magic rules"
Slim body will not be achieved if the subconscious mind can not accept this slimming program. Once successful, it usually will not last long. To get a slim body permanently, should we adjust our thinking to this slimming program.
July revealed there are five basic rules that must be understood in order to streamline the body via the method of slimming or hypnoslimming mind, that is to eat when hungry, eat the food you want, eat consciously, stopped eating after neutral, and multiply step foot in one day.

6. love yourself
Every person is created good, and all things that exist in your body unite together to give life. So thank your body.
Whatever body shape you have, accept and love your body completely. This acceptance can make you more positive and motivated to get a slim body without having to torture yourself with the help feeling hungry or taking slimming drugs.

Weight loss program or would like to have a slimmer body of course there are always a variety of ways, particularly diet and exercise. 6 ways that may help you to have a slim body permanently, and avoid overweight.