Monday, April 23, 2012

Foods That Trigger Your Appetite

Healthy foods type should be everyone's choice. Adapted good food choices with the needs of everyone. In the state to gain weight and lose weight, be different diets. There are actually foods that trigger appetite, if you're losing weight, must be avoided, otherwise if you will gain weight, type of food is good in consumption. That way you should be picky what you consume, as necessary, the important healthy eating. What type of foods that trigger your appetite?

1. Herbs and spices
Several types of herbs and spices proved good for health. But eating some kind of herbs and spices in the food it can cause hunger. For example, the content of mustard in cooking, that could actually increase the production of saliva and digestive juices as a natural way to stimulate the appetite, when finished eating. Besides turmeric, ginger, and parsley can also stimulate appetite.

2. Less consumption of protein
Protein intake in the diet can help convey a sense of satiety signals to the brain and the stomach after eating. According to the holistic, Mark Hyman, MD, was the lack of protein intake can cause hunger, sudden, and the tendency to snack. According to a recent study conducted on volunteers, people who eat less protein than 15 percent of total calories eaten will feel much more hungry and more snacking than people who consume enough protein.

Dr. Hyman said, you should meet the needs of protein at breakfast. "One trick is to eat foods with high protein breakfast, such as boiled eggs or Greek yogurt," he added.

3. Excessive sugar and salt
Recent decades, many food manufacturers found that men are never satisfied to eat the sugar and salt. No wonder if now there is a lot of instant food or drink that tastes very delicious, because it uses sugar and salt that functions to increase hunger.

Sugar content in bottled pasta sauce turned out a lot more sugar than vanilla ice cream per serving. Cereals contain more salt than potato fries. This all makes us want to eat more. Analogy, if you are eating sugary foods, better if it is neutralized with salty foods. In fact, salt and sugar is an appetite stimulant. But avoid the food is too sweet or too salty so do not develop a sudden hunger.

4. Low-calorie foods
Low-fat foods that contain more sugar, carbohydrates, and sodium to improve taste. However, the effect it can trigger overeating. A study published in the journal Nutrition suggests that contain artificial sweeteners in diet drinks can also stimulate appetite. Remember that the body is also still requires certain nutrients and healthy fats, such as calcium, and omega-3 to improve heart health.

"That's why why I always recommend to eat a salad with regular dressing and gravy instead of low-fat dressing. Because, in these sauces are healthy oils like olive or canola oil," said Carolanne Nelson dietitian. To fix this, only the consumption of foods commonly eaten, but limit your portions so as not to be fat.

If you are in a position of weight loss, think 2 times before consuming these foods, is it too often.