Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blend Fashion to Cover Lack of the Body

Stylist, Bradley Bayou, the Oprah site says, after dressing his many women, she concluded that every woman has a part that she was proud and which side he did not like. This is almost certainly exist in every woman. 
Unwelcome part of this may be due to a real situation or feeling as well. This creates a feeling of want to cover the deficiency. Way of dressing is often a reference to cover it, so it needs to blend fashion to cover lack of the body.
Here are some tips that were distributed by Bayou to the women:

Cover: Feel your neck is too long? Balance the dress near the neck. For example, a model employer with turtleneck or crew-neck (model T-shirt collar curled just below the neckline.
Exhibition: If you want to show off your neck, use the tops with V-shaped neckline or U neck width to increase the effect of higher.

Cover: If you want to make the shoulders look narrower, wear clothes that the dark shoulders. Raglan type of clothing (such as dress uniforms baseball player) can also make the shoulders look slimmer while pulling attention inward. Avoid clothes that look "box" or from a rigid material, especially with padding or foam in the shoulder.
Exhibition: The collar of a jacket or blazer can reinforce the impression of broad shoulders. Wearing a heavy foam or materials on the shoulder, plus a narrow view of the waist, will showcase a wide shoulder.

Cover: It has a width of the back and wanted to cover it? Find a blazer or a jacket that fits the body and have the piece princess-seam. Also avoid boxy jacket / boxy hard or thick pile up on the shoulder.
Exhibition: Wear a halter top or dress or whatever it is open in the back to show the assets of this section.

Cover: To make this part is not the center of attention, you can select turtleneck tops, cut sweetheart, and the jacket of the crease. Avoid crew neck and turtleneck with horizontal line pattern because it can make your stomach look thick.
Exhibition: This form is gathered ruffle and ruching at the chest will add a full impression on the chest. Bersiluet fashion empire waist and horizontal pieces can also help a small chest appear fuller.

Cover: dress with empire-waist cut to cover the thick part of the stomach. Using a dark colored clothing around the abdomen can also help cover up the stomach problems. Accumulate some clothing under the jacket can also be a solution. Wrap dress can also be tested.
Exhibition: Tops that fit the body with lightweight materials and not too loose can show off a sexy stomach.

Cover: Dress to fit the body at the waist and wide (A-line) from jersey material can reduce the appearance of containing the buttocks. Skirt with high waist strap sections, such as A-line skirt, can be selected. Pants with the wide leg or boot cut will balance the full buttocks.
Exhibition: pants with back pockets detail the unique curve of the buttocks showing. Skirts also fits the body could be an option, especially skinny jeans.

Dent waist
Cover: To cover the curve of her waist less without making unsightly appearance "straight", wear a jacket with a piece of girlie or peplum jacket.
Exhibition: Dress or wrap top tied at the waist to strengthen the form of a narrow waist curve.

Cover: long-sleeve jacket with 3/4 can make your arms look slim, especially if the tip is stopped at the smallest part of your arm. Closed tops with sleeves, even in a transparent matter, could cover arms.
Exhibition: Of course the opposite, sleeveless tops, halter, and strapless dress will draw attention to the arm.

Cover: The jacket is made of your size and the tip end on the curve of the smallest waist and broad shoulders will balance out big hips. To cover the part, with a matching skirt or A-line dress. Avoid the use of cargo pants or shorts with pockets on the sides because it will add a full impression on the troubled region.
Exhibition: Use the pants with pocket detail on the sides. Additionally, the trumpet skirt is narrow at the waist, straight, and then expands on the bottom (knee) could be an attractive option.

Cover: boot cut or flared pants leg would distract from the thigh and stiffness balance. Avoid skirts with asymmetric cuts because it would attract attention to your thigh, while the A-line skirt can also hide the full thigh.
Exhibition: skinny pants, shorts, or short skirts will show off the beautiful thighs.

Cover: Avoid skirts and pants that end mid-calf at the end because it will make the calves look wider. Shoes with straps around the ankle can also make the calves look great because it will cut the level display.
Exhibition: A-line skirt knee-length, can make the calves look slimmer. Meanwhile, high heel shoes also adds a slim calf.

Cover: To cover a large distance, use a shoe with a rounded or square ends.
Exhibition: High heels, strappy-straps, can show off shapely legs.

Source : Oprah