Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dangers of Soda Triggered Weakening Organs

Dangers of soda is not too concern. Only excessive consumption of soft drinks is not good for health. Soda to be one cause of weight gain. Maybe it's time to revise your favorite carbonated beverage consumption. Because the consumption of soft drinks may increase the amount of fat around the liver and other abdominal organs. Dangers of soda triggered weakening organs, if taken too far. Medically too carbonated soft drinks are also not healthy.

Adverse effects of soda expressed by scientists from Denmark. The negative impact of soft drinks was found in those who mengasup up to one liter soft drink every day. Approximately 47 respondents of this study are people who are overweight. For six months they were asked to consume a liter of water, milk, diet cola or drink regular soda daily. According to lead researcher, Dr.Bjrn Richelsen from Aarhus University Hospital, the study participants were selected because overweight and obese people are more sensitive to dietary changes than those with normal weight.

At the end of the study, one of the usual soft drinks have increased fat around the abdominal organs up to 25 percent. Fatty most abundant in the liver and muscles. Increased fat is strongly associated with risk of metabolic syndrome diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular penyakir, as well as non-alcoholic liver disease.

Type of fat around the organs referred to as ectopic fat is far more dangerous than subcutaneous fat, the fat under the skin.

"Some studies say that ectopic fat is unhealthy and cause dysfunction of the organs around it," he explained. Added by him, the study does add to the length of the scientific evidence that people are starting to limit the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.

Habit of drinking too much soda is better reduced, both for health and also avoids the problem of obesity. Ingredients drink soda is not harmful if consumed occasionally