Sunday, April 22, 2012

Really Cycling Triggers Female Sexual Disorders?

Does bicycles dangerous? cycling is one type of exercise is good for health. But there are research findings that cycling is not good for women, cycling disrupt female sexual statement. Latest research experts at Yale University revealed that women who ride with handlebar position (handlebar) lower at high risk for sexual health problems. Well, there is negativ side of this cycling sport, really cycling triggers female sexual disorders?

The researcher explained, ride a bike with a low position of the handlebars, like on a mountain bike, will create great pressure on the genital organs. This condition causes numbness that lead to sexual dysfunction.
The study was conducted involving 48 female respondents with a high frequency of pedaling a bicycle, at least 16 miles (about 25.5 miles) a week.
Observe the style of cycling is on dozens of women, the researchers note, the majority of women leaning their weight to the front with a buffer at hand. Back position they tend to form an angle of 30-45 degrees to the front to get a more aerodynamic position.

Further analysis showed that most women experience numbness problems in the area around the hips. "The lower the position of the handlebars, the greater the risk of sexual harassment," said the researchers, as reported by the New York Times.

Not only women, other research presented at the conference Reproduction and Embryology European Society show adverse effects of cycling on male sexuality. Men who are too often rides a bicycle, at least about 290 kilometers per week, tend to have the quality and quantity of sperm is worse than a group of healthy men who rarely cycling.
Decline in the quality and quantity of sperm are believed related to the compression caused by friction between the testis and the bicycle saddle. It could also be due to localization of the heat generated by friction when pedaling and the pants tend to be tight.
Although it has many benefits, bicycling can also endanger your health if done too often. Cycling, a sport that is suitable for obese people. And they do not have to do this exercise too much.